Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camp Grace 2011

One of the hardest parts for me about all these house-shenanigans and timing and pushing back deadlines etc, has been that it means Adam and I aren't able to work at camp for a full summer this year. Plus, I'm pregnant and my due date is the last day of camp - and camp is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, which is no bueno for having a baby apparently. 

I am having to come to terms with the fact that God has a bigger plan than my plan. I know I've mentioned that lesson a time or twenty here on the blog, but it seems that God has to hammer things home really well in order for me to actually learn any lessons. We absolutely 100% believe we are moving where God is calling us to move, and that means we need to spend time this summer getting to know the neighborhood, especially while the kids are out of school.

But truthfully? Selfishly? I just want to go to camp. I love camp. It's what started us down the whole path of urban missions. It's something we're passionate about and look forward to every single year. And it's just plain fun. Seriously, it's basically two months of playing with kids. And I like playing.

Don't get me wrong, Adam and I are still going to be involved with camp and help however we can - it's just not going to look the same as it has for the past four summers. And I'm bummed about it.

I'm especially bummed because I'm pretty sure camp is going to be even better this summer than it's ever been before. Camp has an amazing staff this year, new leadership combined with old leadership that I just feel like is going to be so so good for these kids and giving them an amazing camp experience.

Oh and this sweet gym, complete with a giant climbing wall, has been built. Booyah. Plus a giant water slide into the lake. Which, unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to ride even if I was going to be there, because hello? 8 months pregnant.
This year's camp theme is based on Proverbs 3:5-6, which are some of my most favorite verses ever. And I think they hold such promise, such hope, for these kids who so desperately need it.

While I was down at camp a week or so ago for a planning meeting, I was reminded of just how awesome-ly God has shown up in providing for building camp. From receiving our certificate of occupancy WHILE the first campers were already there, to having people donate their time and money and resources to help complete camp, I could share story after story of the extravagant ways God has provided.

And it struck me while I was listening to all these stories, that it is just like our God to go SO above and beyond in showing up for a group of people that are mostly overlooked. Those people the world tells deserve it the least, He is giving them the most. Because He hasn't just given them a summer camp, He's giving them a summer camp that makes everyone I know jealous - with beautiful facilities, the best of everything, fun things to do, zip lines, horses, luxury cabins, an olympic-sized pool . . . And I can't help but think about Matthew 25, remembering that I serve a God who truly cares and loves the least of these. I am encouraged to know that what we are doing for the least of these, we are doing for Him. 

*Side note: We still need to get all our kids sponsored to go to camp this year! Want to help? Visit Vision Atlanta's website and sponsor a kiddo today. Trust me, it's totally worth it - the best $360 you can spend!


  1. i'm sorry you're going to miss it this summer ... but yes, that must mean God has other plans for you. but most importantly, take care of YOU and that sweet baby!! xoxo

  2. Oh girl! I feel ya pain. God has did the same thing in my life recently, He has made it where I have had to step back from somethings due to things out of my control.
    He has kept me involved through prayer which I am so grateful for. This season wont last long, even though you may not be at camp, those kiddies aren't going anywhere. They will just look for you when camp is over! lol


  3. Hi there! Found you through your comment on Long Way from the Theta house blog! And I am just wondering - why can't an 8 month prego go down a slide and get it on video and put it on your blog? Why??


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