Monday, May 2, 2011

Blogger Fail

So if your best friend Courtney comes to visit all the way from Texas just for the weekend and you dont take a single picture, I feel as though that qualifies as a big fat FAIL. And I didn't even realize I forgot to take out my camera, even once, until just this minute when I thought I might write a nice little blog post about how fun it was to see her. Unfortunately, my words are going to have to suffice because the pictures are non-existent.

The reason Court came to visit was to surprise her brother and sister-in-law (who just happen to also be our current roommates) by showing up for their baby shower. By the way, just to warn anyone who might be thinking of sharing a big secret with me, I might or might not be the best secret keeper in the world. I basically told them she was coming a few times and had to back track frantically. And I'm not the most graceful back-tracker ever. Luckily, Esther (Court's sister-in-law) was super-surprised and we were able to enjoy a really fun weekend together.

Saturday morning, I met up with my friend Ashlee so we could go visit a large number of multi-family garage sales (remember, I still desperately need a dresser that is a very specific size and layout . . . ) Unfortunately, it wasn't the most successful garage-sale-ing of all time, but we did end up at Chickfila - which is always a win. Except when Jayci panics and starts screaming at the tip top of the play place and I have to heave my pregnant self up there to rescue her. Lame. By the way, if you want to know why I love Ashlee, you should read this post of hers.

Sunday Courtney was "unfortunately" unable to get onto her first flight (she was flying standby) so we picked her up, brought her with us to church, and then met up with Clark and Esther for lunch. We also brought along some of the kiddos and our lunch at Tin Lizzie's (best cheese dip ever) involved the knocking over of THREE glasses of water in a span of mere minutes. Our waiter loved us. After lunch we showed her our new neighborhood and house, then hit up Trader Joe's (she doesn't have one in Waco and needed to stock up obviously), and enjoyed some Rita's "Ice Custard Happiness."

Then we ended our day with 2 hours stuck in construction traffic and my sister's birthday dinner. Just so the Atlanta road construction people know, their work improving our highways is really a pain in the you-know-where for us when we are driving downtown every. single. day.

Oh and after dinner we grabbed all some of our stuff from Clark and Esther's and moved it back to my parent's house. By now,  "moving" consists of shoving some clothes into a few laundry baskets and hauling it to a new place. Let's just hope that the next time we "move," it will be into our new house!


  1. I have had to crawl up in the Chick fil a play place several times while pregnant to get my son... embarrassing. Also, my best friend is also named Courtney and lived in Waco!

  2. This happens to me ALL the time when my best friends come in from out of town. I think it's a great thing- it means you are spending quality time, getting lost in each other's company :-)


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