Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I'm exhausted because I just went to about 12 different antique stores looking for something we can use for a vanity in our bathroom, and then I found one that I loved and Adam vetoed it. How rude. But now I'm officially going to need to stop walking around and rest my swollen ankles for a little while.

Anyways, because of said exhaustion, a list-style post is the best you're going to get out of me today.

1- We've been busily working (and by "we" I definitely mean "Adam") on this project that I hinted at earlier. It involves an old church pew that was basically in pieces. Adam has been diligently rebuilding and painting and sanding and gluing and so on and so forth. I can't wait to show you when it's all done!
 2. We also found these old egg baskets at an antique store (I told you, we're a little antique store-d out these days). And I REALLY can't wait to show you what we'll be doing with them in our new place.
 3. This little trooper has been coming "treasure hunting" with me all over every antique store in the greater Atlanta area. And she hasn't broken a single thing. Which I definitely count as a victory. She mostly just likes walking around with the measuring tape and telling everyone she says, "I just measuring fings."
4. In some news that is NOT related to antique stores and me being tired, I watched The Voice last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the dual competition of judges amongst themselves and contestants . . . plus I clearly enjoy a good singing-competition show since I am also faithfully watching American Idol. Did anyone else see it?

5. I have also concluded that Parks and Recreation is officially my favorite show in the Thursday night lineup. Hilarious I tell you, hilarious.

6. We are moving AGAIN this weekend. This time, back in with my parents because our friends that we're staying with are having a baby of their own and we figured they probably need a little time with just the 2 of them before "just the 2 of them" is pretty much gone forever. But have I mentioned that I'm TIRED of moving and living out of suitcases and moving and ping-ponging all over the place?

7. On the subject of babies and television (oh what a fabulous transition), my pregnant roommate and I have been thoroughly enjoying "Pregnant in Heels' on Bravo. It's all sorts of hormonal-rich-spoiled-crazy, always entertaining. Plus it makes me feel better about my own bouts of crazy-pregnant-lady (which are obviously few and far between. Ha).


  1. Look at Miss Diva with those glasses on :)

    I love Thursday night line up.. cant really pick a favorite. The Office is awesome... & I LOVE Joel McHale on Community... good stuff!

    Cant wait to see all the finished projects!

  2. Sometimes we think so alike! I got a church pew for Christmas and it has been sitting in brads office waiting to come to our house!

  3. We love Parks and Rec, too, and Community! (and 30 Rock, so yeah, almost all of NBC on Thursday nights).

    I have also been watching Pregnant in Heels. Fascinating. And I love how she gives the Mummy IQ test. Some of her questions I might fail.

    Can't wait to see what you guys are going to do with the egg baskets. Those look cool.

  4. I like that girl because I love her accent! I think she is so cute! Very sweet! Those girls she helps are so crazy! I felt bad for the Jewish man that was married to the hot blonde. She was MEAN! EEEK! I know you are going to do very exciting things with your house. Super excited for you Becca! LOVE your little measuring helper. Love you!

  5. Watched "The Voice" last night as well and my FB status actually reflects my opinion on it -- I liked it! I was surprised. But, I actually enjoyed it. :)
    And yes, Parks and Rec -- definitely a favorite. I think it's gotten much better as the season has progressed. I also love 30 Rock. Hilarious.

  6. On number 5, you have to say it right:

    Parks and Rec is LITERALLY your favorite show. :) I love Rob Lowe's character...I love all the characters!


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