Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hunting Eggs

So far this week, Jayci has had 3 play dates and 2 Easter egg hunts to attend. She has such a busy social calendar. Now if only I was as popular as she is.

The first Easter Egg hunt was with some sweet friends from downtown near our new house. We can't wait to be closer to them so we can hang out more. Especially Jayci can't wait, because she is slightly obsessed with her friend Ava. 

Painting crosses with Ava. Because somehow we need to get them to remember the REAL reason for Easter. And hint: it's not collecting brightly colored, candy filled eggs.
 So focused on the painting - I love that little tongue.

 By the way, getting a group shot with so many little ones is no easy feat.
 Examining her loot.
 Isn't she the prettiest little girl ever? Seriously.
This morning, we headed to her second egg hunt, which she was even more excited about than the first - now that she knew what it meant (umm, she likes candy).

Jayci has the prettiest friends, for realz.

Feeding the goats. Yes, they have goats - cool right? Oh and Jayci might or might not have been obsessed with feeding the goats. She gave them an entire bag of bread crusts - that's good for them right?
She's a little excited about all her eggs. But mostly she was excited to share them  - we only went home with like five eggs because she went around and put an egg from her basket into every other kids' basket. Proud mommy moment? Yup.
Eating with Wyatt, who she is also slightly obsessed with.
 Enjoying a candy ring - because what's not to love?

 Is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen?
 Look mom! I'm holding a baby!

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  1. Great pics and what a sweet little girl Jayci is!!! Love her and you!


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