Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Day with Jayci

As much as I complain  mention casually that the "terrible two's" are in full-swing around here, I actually (for the most part) am really enjoying this stage of life with Jayci. She's basically hilarious. And talks to me all day long. I mean, sure, sometimes I wish the noise-and-talking-and-incessant-chatter would just stop for 5 seconds for pete's sake. But usually, I am just giggling away at her, and trying to hide my giggles because any time I laugh she looks at me and asks "WHAT?" Especially if we're watching a movie and I laugh at something, she doesn't like being left out of the jokes apparently. She might get that from me.

She also sings all day long. My favorite is when she sings "The farmer in the dell" because for her, it goes like this: "the cheese stands awone, I am the dairy-o, the cheese stands awone."
When we are sitting down to dinner, or really anytime we are in a big group of people, she is insistent that everyone listen to her talk. She says: "eerbody, eerbody, I need to talk to you." And then once she has everyone's attention, she gestures wildly with her hands in an effort to explain whatever she deems important at the time. The whole center of attention thing? That one does NOT come from me.
Her favorite book to read these days is the Jesus Storybook Bible (which I HIGHLY recommend). She constantly requests to read "the Bible-book." And she brings it along in the car, and even sleeps with it. Of course I do everything I can to encourage this love for the Word. When she reads it to her animals and babies, she just says "SAID THE GOD" for every page. And then usually mixes in a little bit of "Are you my mother?" since she knows that book off by heart.
There are few things she loves more than helping. Whether it's with cleaning up, sweeping, vacuuming, laundry, cooking, or baking . . . She just has a servant's heart. Which is a trait she definitely gets from her daddy.
At this point she was telling me "no more pitures!"

I know that I really do tend to point out the difficulties of raising a two year old on here. But I want to state right now, for the record, that I LOVE being a momma. And I especially love being Jayci's mom. Because she is a delight and a joy, and she cracks me up, and makes me smile, and I am beyond privileged to spend every day with her!


  1. this is so so sweet <3 and yes, two is, ummm, interesting. and three is ... well, you'll see. i don't want to spoil it for you. ;)

  2. On Sunday morning after we finished Bible Story time, she took the Children's Bible and flipped through nearly every page and when she was done, she put it down on the floor and laid her head on it to take a nap. What a great thing to love!

  3. two is my most dreaded AND my most favorite age group! my ava girl is sneaking up on her 2's and i know that it will be filled with frustrations and unimaginable giggly joys :) and thank you for the Jesus Storybook Bible link. we've been looking for some suggestions for our kids because the one we have is really difficult for them to understand.

  4. And I love this post! awwwww... "the cheese stands awone". Poor cheese! Nobody needs to stand "awone", and encouraging Jayci to hide His treasure in her heart will ensure that she NEVER will. xoxox...

  5. Such a Great post, Becca! I was smiling and then laughing till the end! I love that you and Adam have made Jayci feel so safe and joyful in her young life! As far as wanting to be the center of attention...I think she gets that from her Nana...lol! I love the pics you posted too. Adorable! xoxo

  6. She's ready for her papparazzi pictures with that hand up :)

    Hope you video her singing... nothing is as precious as that - & when they're a teenager, doing rap? Not the same effect :)

  7. she just seems like such a joy... and what a beautiful little girl.

    i just feel like these little strong willed girls (yours and mine) are going to do amazing things for Christ. Lord knows He'll be able to use their spirit!!

  8. awwww! Precious! loove the thought of hearing her say.."Said the God" and Are you my mommy! lol


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