Monday, March 14, 2011

I Heart Faces: Flare

The problem with using the name of the day in your post title (ie - Wordless Wednesday) is that it because glaringly obvious how long it's been since your last post. My bad.

That said, I will try and do better about updating around here this week. But I'm not making any promises. As I've mentioned a time or two hundred, things are a little chaotic in our lives right now and the chaos is permeating all areas apparently.

That said, I do want to be on the ball enough to participate at I Heart Faces this week, because y'all know I love me some sun flare. And that's the theme this week, if you were wondering how that love might be pertinent.

I had the privilege of shooting a beautiful wedding this weekend and the sunshine was glorious, so I thought this picture would be perfect for this week's entry!
As always, head to I Heart Faces for more glorious sun flare!


  1. That flare is fantastic. I am a huge fan of your flare pictures. AND of your wedding shooting. You are such a super star. I can't really even stand it!

  2. Oh, I am Becky from Life with Kaishon. I just did our Communal Global post. Whoopsie Daisy!

  3. Beautiful photo as always, Becca! And don't beat yourself up for not posting so often...pregnancy alone would be enough of a reason to have to take a little break. :)

  4. Love It! Love It! Love It! The Picture...The Post...You!!

  5. Will you come and say hi to the interview lady today. Thank you. The real Becky : )


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