Friday, March 4, 2011

Five years ago

Five years ago, on this day, Adam and I were about to get married. I can remember the mixture of emotions flitting through me: nervous, excited, joyful, anxious . . .
I know, we look young. We were.
See? Not much has changed at all . . .
I didn't actually know (well duh, of course I didn't) what the future would hold for us. All I knew is that I was marrying my best friend. The person who anchored me, who made me laugh, who would tickle me mercilessly, and run to the store in the middle of the night to get my diet coke when I needed it. . . And guess what? Five years later, I'm still married to that same person. There is still no one who can make me laugh like Adam. No one who pushes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to loosen up. He still willingly rushes to Kroger at midnight for ice cream and diet coke. And we are still stepping together into the unknown, one day at a time.
We went to a beautiful, luxurious all-inclusive resort in Jamaica for our honeymoon. And I would still count it as possibly the best week of my life. We did absolutely nothing except lay around in the sun, read books, eat LOTS of delicious food (including second dinners and midnight buffets - because, hello? all-inclusive). At the time we knew that it would be a while before we could afford another such vacation, but we were both working full-time, fairly well-paying jobs, we we assured each other that we would do another big trip for our five-year anniversary. Well, now it's our five-year anniversary and unfortunately, I'm not writing this post from some exotic getaway. However, our life took a different path than we anticipated, because we decided to follow Jesus and embark on a new sort of adventure. An adventure that includes living off support, moving into a slightly-dangerous neighborhood, raising kids, serving children . . . an adventure that I truly wouldn't trade for hundreds of all-inclusive resort-stays. Because if there's one thing I know for certain, it's that we are truly blessed to be doing what we're doing. And we are blessed to be doing it together.
Like I said. Babies.
Our journey actually began as a couple much longer than five years ago. We started dating our senior year in high school. And truthfully, looking back at that time never fails to remind me of how clearly God's hand has been on our relationship from the very beginning. I know He has been leading our steps, protecting our hearts, guiding our decisions, every single step of the way. Because even before we were walking closely with Him, He led us to make decisions as a couple regarding purity and our relationship that protected us and bolstered us and made us the people we are today.
This one's from the first time Adam came on vacation with our family. I can't get over how dorky cool we all look.
Since high school, we have both grown and changed so incredibly much. We've been changed by each other, by our friendships, by our circumstances, and by our walk with God. And we've been through so much together:
We bought and sold our first house.
Spent every summer working at camp.
  Had a baby.
I've learned so much about myself, about life, and about God from being married. I was just telling someone yesterday how cool it is that the Lord uses things like marriage and becoming a parent to reveal Truths about Himself. I never fully understood what it meant to be the "bride of Christ," or that we are children of God until I experienced them in my own life. Seeing Christ work through Adam, and watching how carefully Adam loves me, while still always pointing me back to God, has changed me in so many ways. And I know that each step of the way, each new adventure, will teach us new things about ourselves and about what it means to walk closely with our Heavenly Father.

Adam and I have spent the last few months in transition, to say the least. Living out of suitcases, working on a new house, starting a new ministry, adding to our family . . . And it hasn't always been easy. I don't want people to think that marriage is easy. Or that we have it all together. We sometimes fight more than I care to admit. We take each other for granted. Forget to pick up our messes or talk about our differences. Stop connecting on a heart level and simply act like roommates rather than partners and best friends.

But I was thinking today that OF COURSE the enemy would be especially attacking our marriage right now. He does NOT want us to move into a season of ministry as a couple united and in love and loving and serving together. But if Adam and I can remain rooted in the Lord, if we depend on Him for our strength and our love every single day, then I know that nothing will be able to stop us!
So Adam, thank-you for five wonderful years of marriage. And you know what? If I had it to do over again, I'd choose you. Again.



    I have to say - girl, you look THE SAME!!! YOU GO!!! Seriously - you havent aged a day!!!

    Now Adam - he looks like a BABY in those pictures. But he's all grown into a MAN now with that beard :)

    Ahhh - 5 years... still newlyweds! Blessings to you both for Many more years of love & happiness!

  2. I am crying because I am so very, very happy for you.
    Wishing you many more years together serving Him.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! we just celebrated our 9th on the Feb. 23. God is good friend! Hope things are going well and hope you are past all the prego sickness :))

  4. Happy anniversary! 7 years ago today, my love proposed. :)

  5. And I'm crying! This was so sweet! You guys have a beautiful marriage!

  6. awww ;-) Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful wedding photo! And such memorable five years! Here's to many many many more years, and many {?} more children! ha! Well, at least one more right ;-) certainly are amazing mentors to so many children! May the journey continue to bless you and all the others you serve each day! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. This is, by far, your best post ever! Happy Anniversary to you both! I love you guy with all my heart. Wishing you a lifetime of Anniversaries!! xoxo

  8. what a beautiful life...
    your right. remain rooted and nothing will stop you!

  9. Just pretend that our trip to the Dominican was your early 5-year trip! Can you believe that was 2009?!?! (I just spent quite a while confirming that in my head.)

  10. I remember when y'all started dating in high school! Hope you guys had a great anniversary!

  11. wow.....what a powerful post. Thank you for sharing......

  12. What a lovely walk down your marriage memory lane! You guys have a great story. Happy belated anniversary!!

  13. Wow I can't believe it has been five years! Time really does fly! I remember when Adam was planning your proposal! Happy anniversary!


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