Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Counting Blessings. . .

Last night a line of severe thunderstorms made its way across Georgia. Tornado sirens were going off and the wind was fierce, to say the least. This morning, the sun was shining and the sky was a brilliant clear blue. And with the return of the sunshine, I was reminded of just how blessed I really am. Sometimes I can so easily get bogged down in the negatives that I forget to count my blessings. But when I think about my daughter and how I hope she will view the world, I always hope that she will remember her blessings, that she will stay optimistic and look at things on the bright side. And how will she know to do that unless I model it for her? For that very reason, today I am choosing thankfulness and a heart of gratitude and hope in knowing how richly blessed I am.

Counting blessings:
- I have a wonderful husband. And on Friday, we will celebrate our 5 year anniversary of marriage.
- We are finally making progress on our house. In fact, all the framing is done. Booyah (I say that like I helped. I didn't).
- Jayci is a gem. Seriously, she cracks me up and makes me smile every single day. And she's totally understanding of how sick I've been and has been easy and fun throughout. For example, the other day in the car I started crying (because, hello hormones) and Jayci said: "you're a little sad mommy? you want to hold my hand to feel all better?" Yes Jayci, yes I do. Sweet thing.
- God is providing for our ministry in nothing short of miraculous ways.
- We have the opportunity and freedom to do what we love and to serve the kiddos on a daily basis. And nothing makes me happier.
- I have a healthy little one growing inside of me. Which is also slightly miraculous considering the extremely small amount of food I'm able to keep in my stomach (side note: I'm still not feeling 100% and I throw up at least once every day, BUT I definitely will count my blessing in that I feel much better than I did!)
-Because I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant and still weigh 5 pounds less than I did when the pregnancy started,  I figure I have lots of catching up to do - which means no worrying about weight gain whatsoever for the next little while. Bring on the cheese dip. 


  1. You always make me count my blessings.
    I am glad you are sort of feeling better. So sorry you cried but so glad you have Jayci there to hold your hand when you do.

  2. Happy to hear you are starting to feel better. Morning sickness is no fun. Hopefully you can enjoy the second half of your pregnancy by stuffing your face full of cheese dip! :)

  3. I'm so glad you guys were kept safe through the storms! You are truly blessed and it is nice to put in to words some of those blessings every now and then!! You have a wonderful family and I can't wait to meet the precious little one I already love so much! xoxo

  4. Awww... I'm thinking that Jayci is just like her momma. Cause let's face it, sweet friend... you are the comforter for MANY who have never known true comfort before. Jayci sees that, whether you realize it or not, and she already knows what people need when they're sad or hurting. Well done...
    and if you want to meet me for cheese dip... just let me know... :<)

  5. thankful you guys were safe and praying that you continue to feel better!

  6. Love this post :) It is so true, it's so easy to get bogged down, but so wonderful to remember all of the amazing things that God has done and is doing for us! and we have SO much to be thankful for! I'm glad you're feeling *a little* better, I hope you feel SO much better soon! Hugs!

  7. Thankfulness is contagious! Thank you for sharing..reminds me to count my blessings as well.


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