Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

I've been trying to think of the best way to share our weekend in a way that's not, you know, incredibly boring, but it turns out that I got nothing. However, boring has never stopped me before, so here it is: our weekend.

Friday night we had dinner with some friends who live down here right near our new house. It was fun and delicious all at once - which is definitely a winning combination. My favorite part was how chaotic the whole thing was with 4 kids running around. Their daughter Ava is three and between her and Jay, the whole thing was just hilarious. They were adorable together though, both of them in their "princess skirts" and smearing applesauce all over the furniture. In fact, they were having so much fun carrying purses around and "going to the airport" that we stayed way too long past Jayci's bedtime, which resulted in our hurrying out the door in the midst of a complete meltdown (by Jayci, not Ava). Luckily, they are willing to stay friends, despite Jayci's poor social skills.

So as it turns out, I can't even remember what we did on Saturday. It's all a blur of sitting around watching movies and eating and hoping some of that food actually stayed in my stomach. In particular, we have been watching the movie "Over the Hedge" about 8.6 million times. Every morning, Jayci begs for "the TUWTLE MOVIE," and I usually give in. But boy oh boy do I wish that movie would magically disappear at this point. And if you're wondering why Over the Hedge (seeing how it's five years old and not exactly the most popular movie ever), it's because I happened to grab it when I was bringing Jayci's DVDs for our housesitting adventures. Somehow Jayci discovered it. And the rest is repetitive history.

I do know that Saturday night Adam made us some delicious Tacos. We went to the local Kroger to pick up supplies. And I have rarely seen Adam so excited over all the deals. The MANAGER'S SPECIALS had him especially worked up. Organic milk for a DOLLAR? What kind of place is this? I'm guessing it's because the neighborhood folks don't buy a lot of organic milk. Or maybe because the milk had gone bad or something . . . But either way, we are enjoying the milk, and it tastes fine to us.

Sunday we went to Renovation Church in the morning. Then we took the kiddos (and Jayci) to a local pizza place which is just delicious. And picked up Zack for a fun-filled afternoon. Minus the fun, apparently. See what had happened was that we locked ourselves out of the house where we are house-sitting. Which is a bummer on a Sunday when we had to call several different locksmiths before finding one that was open. 45 minutes later, the guy showed up. Unfortunately he could not unlock the door. Because locksmiths apparently aren't as good as the thieves in the movies at unlocking doors. I tried to tell Adam just to slip a paper clip into he door knob, but he didn't seem to think that would work. Poor Zack was a good sport with all the waiting, although he did think that maybe the locksmith should get a new job if he couldn't open locks.

By the time we got into the house and got our stuff, it was time for One Church. Zack came with us, and we rewarded him for all the waiting and boring with donuts. Because sugar and chocolate make everything better, right? After church, we ate some delicious Barberitos and then headed back home.

See? BORING. Don't say I didn't warn you. But one day, I'm sure Jayci will be desperate to know what we did the weekend of February 19th, 2011. And she will be pleased to be able to read this post, be embarrassed by her mother, and remember how much she loved to watch Over the Hedge. As a matter of fact, she's watching it as we speak.


  1. It sounds wonderful *minus the lock out part! : )
    I think you are the best mother around.
    Kaish just got a character from Over the Hedge at the thrift store yesterday. As we were drifting off to sleep last night he told me he wants the whole family. He loves stuffed animals. : )

    I hope you feel better and can start eating again soon!

  2. I do love when BG slips into a meltdown when we stay too late at friend's houses. It's always the true test of a friendship to see if they ever invite us back over!

  3. LOL Glad to hear you talk about food again. Hope you are finally able to enjoy it again :)


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