Monday, February 14, 2011


Do y'all know my friend Jenna? If you don't, you should probably hop over and read her blog. She is a gem. Anyways, this past Christmas, I posted a story on my blog about our sweet friend April and her family. After reading that story, Jenna emailed me and told me she felt led to give monetarily to our ministry in a way that could help April's family. I was super-excited, obviously, and couldn't wait to figure out the best way to use the money to help their family. Someone had already contacted us and provided them with Christmas gifts, including bikes for each child in the family (no small feat, there are lots of kiddos in this family!), so I thought that maybe I'd use the money to help her get her electricity turned on. But then they moved before that happened, and had been bouncing around a little since then . . . I just kept the money aside, and continued praying about the best way to utilize this gift.

And then this weekend, we picked up our boys for a fun-filled Saturday watching tennis, eating pizza, and showing them the progress on our new house (all clearly besides the point, sorry), and Sabo mentioned that he heard April's house (she was staying with her sister) had burnt down. I insisted that it didn't, after all we had seen them just a week earlier and their house was most-definitely fire-free. Regardless, we called to check in and discovered their house had indeed burnt to the ground the night before. The fire caught in the night while they were all asleep (something involving gasoline in the fireplace which is never a good combination). So more than anything, we were grateful to hear that everyone had gotten out uninjured. But they lost everything. Having so little to begin with makes this even harder for me to fathom. Their clothes, new shoes, jackets, food . . . gone. Their bikes MELTED in the flames.

The Red Cross put them up in a hotel for a few nights, and the landlord at the place that burnt will be moving them to another property tomorrow. I have been so worried about them, thinking about how scared they must have been. I mean, I was terrified of fires growing up, and I never had to live through one. On Saturday night while I was praying for them, it hit me -- I had money to buy them all new clothes! I was able to go to Target and get every member of the family a pair of pants, a few shirts, and new undergarments.

I just think that it is so amazing to think about how the Lord used one of my sweet bloggy friends to provide for April's family. And you know what? I'll bet that He knew just when we would need this money, and He made sure I held onto it for that very reason.

I'm reminded of how often we don't know how we're going to make it through something, or we don't know how we're going to make ends meet. And then God shows up in amazing ways. Because He is strong when we are weak. And He loves to give good gifts to His children. And He knows our needs far more deeply and more intimately than we even know them ourselves.


  1. I am so glad everyone was OK! What a scary thing for them, I can't imagine!! What a blessing you and others are in their life who are able to help them! I'm thankful for people like you and sweet Jenna!

  2. Praying for their sweet family! And man, seeing how God works is truly amazing! It NEVER gets old. Love you friend!

  3. That's terrifying! And what a praise it is that they have people like you and Jenna in their lives!!


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