Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Demolition Weekend

This weekend brought the day we have all been waiting for. And waiting for and waiting for. But seriously, it was finally DEMO DAY at our new house! Our awesome church (One Church) showed up in force to help rip out plaster, fill up dumpsters, remove trim, tear down walls . . . and generally work very hard. It turns out that I am both a bad photographer and a bad blogger because I forgot my camera AND my phone, so I had no way of documenting the fun . . . Luckily, my friend Maddie DID take some pictures, and I'm totally stealing them from her cute blog to share with y'all.

Everyone worked so hard and it was such a blessing to us to see the church body at work. We completely filled up 2 dumpsters and there's plenty more to go! Please know also that I am using the term "we" rather loosely, considering as how my delicate condition (aka being pregnant) kept me from doing any actual work in the dusty house or in lifting heavy pieces of concrete into dumpsters. Rest assured, however, I managed to contribute to the efforts with some major carb-loading of our workers involving Krispy Kreme donuts (I discovered there's a KKD that is dangerously close to our new house) and large cheese pizzas. I am nothing if not worried about food, even when I can't necessarily enjoy it myself.
I have big plans for this door that I valiantly rescued from the trash pile. I don't know what they are yet, but something cool for sure . . .
Yes, this is the INSIDE of the house. It's almost as messy as it will be when we're living there!
But how cool is the exposed brick? Love it.
Our dear friend and future roomie, decked out in her work gloves and mask.
Just in case you forgot how cute Jayci is. Not that you could ever forget.

Oh and one more thing, I started a facebook page for Blueprint 58 (our ministry) so if you wanted to head over there and "like" it, I wouldn't complain . . .


  1. I am so excited for you. Not even kidding : ) I am sort of glad you were in such delicate condition so you didn't have to work. Demolition looks super hard to me!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!! sooo exciting!!! I cant wait to see more of the progress.. staying hopeful..the process may be long and draining but will be WORHT the wait when you finally have the kids from neighborhood over!!!

    love that door! I have an old window frame hanging from up in my house from our renovations with pictures in it! cant wait to see what you do with that door!
    Hope your feeling better these days. :)

  3. How Exciting! Have fun dreaming about what it will be:)

  4. Wow Becca. I am seriously so excited to see what y'all turn this place into. It's going to be awesome!

    You feeling any better?!?


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