Thursday, February 17, 2011

Backyard Photoshoot

I've been more than a little excited about the fact that the place we're housesitting has a backyard. It's been so long since we've been able to just go outside and play . . . Add some gorgeous 65 degree weather, and my soul is feeling a little refreshed the last few days.

Today, Jayci wanted to go out and play - and I grabbed my camera. Which, of course, ensured that she would pose for some pictures for me. . . Have I mentioned that I love this phase?

Probably my new favorite picture of her.

And check out that sassy-ness. Lately, she has taken to saying "OH YEAH" just like Vector from Despicable Me. It cracks me up.

Golly but she's cute. Thankfully, because it makes the whole disobedient stubborn two-year-old a whole heck-of-a-lot easier to handle.


  1. She is so perfectly beautiful! I love that yu have such amazing weather! : ) i hope it stays nice for you. It sure makes everything better, doesn't it?

  2. She is getting so big! I was looking back at some old blog pics of her thinking, wow they grow up soo fast! Enjoy it friend! Such a cutie!!


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