Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Photo Shoot at Her Request

The other day Jayci insisted that we have a little photo shoot. I am not even joking when I tell you that she insisted that I took her picture on every. single. stair. on our (ok our parents') large staircase. Zack was over here and he was cracking up. He kept looking at me and asking "is she serious?" Yes, yes she is.


  1. I think you may have a little diva on your hands! :) Not that you didnt know that - haha!!

    all the pics are fantastic! The 2nd to the last is GORGEOUS!!!! She looks so relaxed

  2. She is such a doll!
    The second to last in really fantastic!
    What a sweet girl <3

  3. With a Mom who is the best photographer, who wouldn't ask for photo shoots.

    My Mom was a print film photographer when I was growing up, had her own dark room and everything...I would go shopping for clothes and maker her do photo shoots just so I could decide whether or not I liked an outfit.

    Get ready Momma.

    Love them all!

  4. Such a pretty little girl! I love the last shot...her eyes look amazing!

  5. She's beautiful, remarkable, loveable!!!! :)

  6. Absolutely outstanding. Seriously. Love.

  7. She cracks me up!!!!!!! I Love it!! Get it girl!!

  8. Ohmygoodness! She is so flippin' adorable. I can totally see her personality coming out in these pictures. What a pretty little lady you have there :)

  9. oh so cute. so cute! she's just beautiful and you are SO talented! i just wish i could get some of that (wanting her picture taken) to rub off on addie. she's getting better though :) just a little bit :)


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