Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunshine and Fistfights

This weekend was a good one. Actually my use of the highly descriptive term "good" doesn't even begin to describe it. I mean, it wasn't life-changing necessarily, just full of friends, family, Christmas decorations, kiddos, food, and sleep. So basically everything I love all at once.

On Friday evening, Adam and I headed down to Conyers to watch one of our kiddos from camp play basketball. He's basically a basketball superstar, plus he's my favorite camper ever, AND it was his birthday - so the perfect Friday night activity. We had a blast, especially Jayci, who delighted in clapping and yelling when everyone cheered. She even climbed up the bleachers to join the girls basketball team in doing cheers throughout the game. It was adorable, they called her 'slim' and just tried not to knock her over with their exuberance while she grinned up at them and stomped her feet and clapped along. Hilarious.

ANYWAYS. Gheesh. That's not even what this post is about. Because on the way to the basketball game, I had the opportunity to stop by April's place and take some pictures of her oldest daughter Jessica and her little cutie-pie Kortez.

The thing you would never guess from these pictures is that just beyond this sun-drenched tree was a street corner. And on that street corner a fight was breaking out. It was all quite awkward because there was lots of loud shouting going on, and I wasn't quite sure how to handle it. So in typical Becca-fashion, I simply pretended not to hear it and kept snapping pics of Jessica and Kortez. Adam, on the other hand, walked over there to see what was going on. And by the principle of proximity, he stood out enough to the crowd (it was a bunch of teenagers) that they broke up the fight and dispersed. Just as we were rounding the corner and the fight was breaking up, a cop car pulled up as well (apparently someone had called the police over all the yelling and the teenage girls throwing punches at each other). I think he found our little crew a little suspicious in the midst of the crowd (for some reason Adam and I tend to stick out a little in this neighborhood . . .) and he slowly cruised by us several times while we walked around the block and snapped pictures for Jessica.

The contrast between the beautiful light and beautiful subject of my photography and the ugly words and actions taking place just beyond the bend has stayed on my heart. I cannot help but thinking that if someone would take the time to step into the lives of these young people, maybe they wouldn't feel the need to fight like this. When people lose sight of their identity as a son or daughter of Jesus, as worthy and beautiful and perfectly made, dangerous things start to happen.

That's exactly why Adam and I have decided to move into this neighborhood. To stand in the gap. To seek to tell each person this truth: they are exactly what God has in mind when God made them - and then we watch, from this privileged place, as people inhabit this truth. People like Jessica. And Kortez.

And this is what happened if I wasn't strategic and quick in my picture-taking. Our little entourage couldn't resist hopping in.
The little hooligans themselves (my assistant photographers) :-) you gotta watch out for that little one.


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Gods grace enabled you to handle that so well (distractions that is) I hope we can visit yall soon! That little guy wit the curly hair is a cutie and looks like he is a hoot! lol

  2. i love the way you write. and i love these pictures.

    and i kind of want to hug your assistants because they are adorable :)

  3. Love, Love, LOVE the picture of Jessica looking at Kortez!! And I am shocked you were able to get a pic of Toddrick, Amber, and Dialo, where they are not attacking each other!!

  4. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures!


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