Friday, December 17, 2010

Put an ornament on it . . .

I just realized I never shared these pictures from when we decorated the Christmas tree. This year is so much fun so far with Jayci because she actually knows what's going on (unlike last year when she just liked crinkling the wrapping paper) . . . She loved decorating the tree, and so far we havent had any incidents involving her prematurely unwrapping presents or pulling down the tree in an effort to get ornaments. So we'll call it a win.

Jayci also really loves posing for pictures right now. Then she wants to see it, before coming up with a new pose she wants to try for the camera. I'm rolling with it, because I have a feeling it wont be too long before she's sick of me sticking my camera in her face!

And just in case you wonder where she gets it from . . .


  1. She could quite possibly be one of the cutest little girls one earth!!!!!!

    So so so adorable!

    Love her decorating the tree - we let the kids do ours this year (which is very hard for me to keep my hands off of it)and of course they were all towards the front at the bottom :)

  2. She is just adorable! Soon enough she may want a camera of her own so she can take pictures herself. my oldest loves arranging her brothers, friends, family and various inanimate objects for her photographing pleasure. :)

  3. Oh, I did at these pictures!!!!! So incredibly cute!!! :)

  4. Adorable on so many levels : ) I love your poser : ) and your big poser! Fun. Fun. Fun times in your house Becca Boo!

  5. Oh my goodness... she is just precious! Adorable moments captured here! :)

  6. I was smiling all through looking at your pictures, Becca!! Thank you for sharing them! That's so fun that Jayci knows what's going on with Christmas this year!! How exciting for your family. I miss you all very much! Love you Tons!!

  7. that last picture is priceless!!

    and i know i've said it a billion times, but she is so, so gorgeous!!!

  8. Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions.. which picture do I like best? Black and white? Cute smile? Sassy pose? Oh, wait. How about silly daddy and girl? Yes, we have a winner!!! :<) I love that Jayci "gets it" this year.. this one and the next few will be the best ever, so drink deep....

  9. i just read your interview on another blog and wow, thank you for mentioning me!! :) and you just have the most beautiful family! :)


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