Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 - A Pictorial Review

Just thought I'd share our year in a quick pictorial review. And by "quick" I mean "really long." And since it's really not that interesting for anyone but me and maybe my mom, I apologize in advance.

First of all, can you even believe what a little punkin she was?  I'm mourning the loss of my baby right now. How did she get so GROWN in just a year? Lame. She should stop that.
We went to Chicago to visit my sister, and to Texas to visit this fun family.
Jayci spent lots of time here, in time out.
And making cute faces that made me melt into a giant puddle on the floor. Because hello? Cutest ever.
We went hiking with a frightening mountain man. Oh wait, that's Adam.
We put our house up for sale. And tried to keep it clean. I could repeat this x 100 for the amount of time it took up this year. Cleaning, yuck.

We went and played at camp with some of our bestest friends.

And took baths. Occasionally.

And played outside.
And spent Easter with these two cuties. Speaking of growing up a lot in a year, these two little boys have seriously turned into young men this past year. Will everyone STOP GROWING ALREADY?!
One of my best friends got married. And in other news, Adam still cant take a normal picture.
We went to Athens to visit Emma, and eat food. Because everyone knows that Athens has the best food.
We spent Spring break in Florida with these great friends. Don't remind me that they moved away this year too.

We went on a picnic with these nuts. And tragically had our watermelon stolen.
And let our kids play in the backyard pool. Classy.
We sold (well kinda) our house and moved out. And then the whole family went to Ontario for a family reunion.
And Jayci learned how to eat corn-on-the-cob.
Then we went to camp. And I taught a photography class.

And Jayci got very bossy. Look at her, bossing everyone around. And we knew the terrible two's were getting close . . .
And my boys came to camp. See? I told you they keep growing. Stop it already!
After camp, we took the boys and our little family to Florida.
Then we tried to find a house to move downtown. And celebrated Jayci's second birthday.
And then my little sister got married. Twice. Well not really, the first time was the Hindu ceremony.
And then the kiddos got to be a part of the Christian celebration. It was beautiful. And again with all the growing up, I can't believe my baby sister is married!

We went to the pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins with some friends.
We went BACK to the beach (I'm realizing we went to the beach a lot this year) for a wedding.
And Jayci went trick-or-treating with her new BFF. She loves her some Jordan. Not that I blame her, look at him!
And played in the leaves.
And ate Thanksgiving dinner in our new neighborhood with this sweet family.
And finally, we celebrated Christmas. But since I didn't take a single picture of those festivities, you'll have to settle for these. My new favorites, Jayci playing the piano with "her zack."

I can't believe 2010 is almost over. We've finally worked things out with our new house (it only took all year . . . ) and I can't wait to see all that 2011 will hold!


  1. Your daughter is just THE CUTEST little thing ever!!

  2. I LOVE your pictorial review! Love your comments, they make me giggle and smile. :-)

    I am in the process of looking through my photos and blog posts for the year and putting something like this together. Isn't it great to reflect on a year of blessings?

    Happy New Year!

  3. I Loved all your pictures, Becca!! You documented your year well. May GOD continue to pour HIS blessings out on you and yours in 2011!! xoxo

  4. This was awesome Becca. I love your year. I feel so excited that I remembered when you were going through of all those things. I feel like we are real true friends even though I just know you in blog land : )

    I can't really take the growing up at all. Not at all. It's craziness! We must stop these little blessings at once.

    PS Your Mountain man joke was HILARIOUS! I think you should teach comedy lessons next summer at camp.

    Love, Becky

    I need to do one of these but I just can't motivate myself. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Maybe I will since I was inspired by you : )

  5. You guys have had quite the year!

    And it's pure craziness how much she changed this past year. If you figure out how to make time slow down, please tell me!

  6. I can't get over how quickly they are growing either. Seems Allie should still be a baby and now we're heading into the year where she will turn 3. Oh my!!!

    Love the pics and flashbacks! Jayci is adorable as always! Praying you have a wonderfully blessed 2011 in your NEW home :)

  7. Take a breath, sweetie! It's been a busy year, for sure.

    Here's to a great new one -

  8. LOVE the pics... love that things are working out for you... HATE that you won't be in my "neck of the woods" anymore. Because I really took advantage of that, didn't I??? pfffft. So much in 2010 was "ground-tilling".. preparing for the new growth in 2011. And then the harvest.. don't you just love how God works? Can't wait to see it all unfold... Happy New Year, friend! May you find much cheese dip, Diet Coke, and peace,love,and joy in 2011!

  9. Such a wonderful year!! I can't get over the pic of Jayci from January. I mean HOW did she grow so much this year?!?!? So glad I got to meet you in 2010!

  10. Loved this! What a great idea... mind if I steal it? Okay great, thank you! :) Glad my wedding could make it into the year of 2010. So glad yall were both there to celebrate with us and glad we could bring yall back to the beach! Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for your family as well!

  11. I really enjoyed it!!!!
    THANKS for sharing with us!


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