Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Very Merry Gift Guide

I'll be honest and tell you I'm not a huge fan of the after-thanksgiving madness that is Black Friday. I much prefer Cyber Monday, on the couch, in my PJs, with free shipping. I think it goes back to this one time when our whole family decided to go to the outlet malls at midnight on Black Friday. I believe I've blocked the trip out of my memory, but I vaguely recall lines triple wrapped around the store and someone shoving my little sister.

I do however, love me some online shopping. And since my love language is gifts, shopping online for gifts is basically a double-win in my book. And since this is THE week for giving (and being thankful of course), what better time to share a little gift guide with y'all!
For the little ones. Because Jayci loves animals of all kinds, and this one is just plain cute -handmade stuffed owl from Dancing Zebras.
Handmade soap from Intown Sundries. . . smells good and helps support a great cause (in our soon-to-be-neighborhood. Read more about the Beltline Bike Shop here).
For the photographer: I get asked ALL the time where I got my cute camera strap. That's how I know that a cute camera strap is probably the best gift ever for a photographer. Obviously.
For the mom, or grandma, or best friend . . . Anything from the Vintage Pearl. I got this for my best friend last year. And I'm pretty sure she loved it. And I have one too. And I love it.

For anyone and everyone: This makes me feel warm and cozy inside. And really ready for Christmas.For people who like to laugh. Because Modern Family is literally the best show on TV right now. And it cracks me up. every. single. time.
For the fashionista. I have a headband from Allora Handmade, and I get complimented on it all the time. So now I'm convinced I need the necklace too.
The Glee Christmas album - perfect for the music-lover. Or the "Glee-k." Or the Christmas-lover. Basically, for anyone who is breathing. Jayci asks for "Chis-mas music" all the time.
Here's the deal, there's a little chocolate place tucked away in downtown Atlanta. It's called Cacao. And it makes chocolate from the bean. All the way handmade and handcrafted. And amazing. And my talented pastry-chef sister works there. So order some delicious chocolate and my baby sister will literally make it for you herself.
I love decorating my house for Christmas. Unfortunately, I don't have my own house to decorate this year, so I'm just going to have to share the ruffle-y goodness of these beautiful stockings with y'all, and live vicariously through your decorating cute-ness.
I LOVE books. And I love hand-drawn art. And I love Vol. 25. It's literally my favorite. But seriously, I need this print.


  1. Cute picks! I am actually giving 3 of the camera strap covers from etsy as gifts this year!

  2. Love the camera strap! And I LOVE the Glee Christmas album, I have it in my car and I listen to it all the time!

  3. First, my love language is gifts too. So I love looking for the perfect one! Second, I could have written this post. In fact, I've bought several of these exact items as gifts this year (or I want them for myself!). And Modern Family and Glee are my two favorite shows!

  4. Modern Family CRACKS ME UP.

    I'm in love with Phil Dunphy.

  5. Gracias por este magnífico post. Admirando el tiempo y el esfuerzo que puso en su blog y la información detallada que usted ofrece.


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