Thursday, November 18, 2010

Links and Such

I am so so honored that my sweet (seriously the sweetest) friend Becky interviewed me about my photography on her blog. If you're interested (just humor me and pretend you are) you can read it here. Oh and while you're there, you should definitely poke around Becky's blog -- you'll be glad you did.

Speaking of photography, I somehow have 500 fans on my facebook page. Want to join in the fun? You can. Right here.

STILL speaking of photography (I promise I'll be done soon), here's one of my favorites from my latest family session -- I love fall colors for photography! And you can see more on my photography blog.

OK, enough photography already. Here's a few other links and posts I've LOVED reading this week. And I hope you do too. Because I'm all about spreading the cheer.

*This post about having a three year old both cracked me up and reminded me of my 2 year old. If three is really worse, like everyone keeps reminding me it is, we're in for some trouble!

*Freedom’s Just Another Word For So Much From Which To Choose. Love this.

*The Journey is one of my favorite blogs ever. Go there and read, and cry, and blubber. Or maybe that was just me. But seriously, it's amazing and incredible the work that Katie is doing. And my bestest friend Gini is doing this cool thing on HER blog where she's selling crafty goodies and giving all the proceeds to Katie's ministry. Very cool.

*Finally, the Lord has been teaching me so much this week about having FAITH in the things He is doing and preparing us for. We have some crazy and exciting things ahead, and I'd love your prayers along the way!
One LAST thing (I promise). If you want/need to get one of our Christmas cards/newsletters this year, just send me your address in an email and I'd be happy to put one in the mail. Because I love Christmas, and my cards are cute this year (my email address is on the side bar of the blog. Set it over there?)


  1. I'm so impressed! over 500? I started a page for my photography (really starting to dive into the career of it) & I have like 40 so far... what's the secret to get more? (BTW - its "RJ PHOTOGRAPHY" on there if you want to check out some of my pics) :)

    Heading to check out "The Journey"

    And lady - I have no DOUBT you have faith in our awesome Lord & listening to His prompting! :)

    Gotta send an email for a card... :)

  2. I loved your interview! You are such a talented lady.

  3. Want to trade family photos sometime? I can take yours and you can take mine? I never have anything artsy of our family and I would LOVE some!

  4. The interview was GREAT, and I love that FAITH pic

  5. great photos! I am your newest follower. Return the favor? ;D hope to be friends, and hope to talk to you soon! :D

    love, polly

  6. Thank you for the interview. You are the best. : ) My friend Maddy just wrote and said that my pictures are kind of like yours and I screamed with delight. If my pictures are even 1/100th as fun and real as yours are : ) Well, that would tickle me to no end.

    FLIPPING out about getting your Christmas card. OMGOODNESS! What could be better than that?

  7. Becca just read your interview on Becky's was soooo good. I'm finally getting ready to trade in my point and shoot for the Rebel. So that hit a nerve with me. I just posted about God making us a certain way on my blog today. Kind of went along with what you said in the interview. You might want to pop over. Have a blessed night:)

  8. yay for all of your photography famous-ness :) I wish we lived closer so we could take pics with you!! I'm praying for y'all!

  9. Hello lovely Becca (and fellow Canadian?:)
    I just have to tell you how beautiful I found your pictures over on Becky's blog. You capture such sweet, poignant moments and in many of them, the colors just amazed me. You really are an artist and I look forward to seeing more of your work and reading more of your blog here!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    By the way, where are you from originally?:)

  10. love your name :) :)

    I'm excited to start reading your blog!! praying that the Lord's will be done w/ all the changes going on in your life.


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