Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ice Cream and a Winner

Jayci likes ice cream. I mean, not that I can blame her. But she REALLY likes it. And she also enjoys whipped cream, which she calls ice cream. So we get many requests for "ice cream" around here.

The ice cream was a way to distract Jay while I took pictures for my friend Jessica for the amazing ministry she helps run, Princess Night. We used roses for the photo shoot, and Jayci was enamored with the roses (well, once she was finished with her ice cream). Sweet Jessica let us take some home, which made Jayci eternally happy. And by eternally I mean for a few minutes. But I take what I can get around here.
**The winner of the book giveaway is Christie from Our Family's Journey! Yay for Christie! I'll email you with details :-)


  1. I adore Jayci and her ice cream! And, I just know I adore princess night without even knowing what it is.

  2. These are such cute photos! I love a good ice cream cone shot...especially when the little kid has ice cream all over their face :)

  3. Really interesting article. Hope to see same more!


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