Monday, November 8, 2010

Hodge Podge (like Modge Podge, but more random)

I just have some random thoughts for you today (as opposed to my usual non-random thoughts. yeah right.)

1 - I was both moved and convicted by this video.

Creation Groans from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

2 - Some of you have been asking us about our new house (wondering if we've moved already, geesh . . . and trust me, I feel the same way). The answer which I finally have is that we are scheduled to close and make the house officially ours on November 23rd. And if you feel like this part of the process is taking sweet forever, that's because it is. It's driving me crazy. I might have a small patience problem that clearly the Lord is trying to work on with me. Whatever.

After closing, we have a few things to do to make the house livable. For example, every window is smashed/broken/boarded up - so we will have to at least replace those. Oh and the carpet. Especially because there was apparently a drug bust involving prostitutes in the home the other day. Awesome.

3 - This weekend we actually didn't have a whole lot going on. So we decided to take Zack to the Thrashers game. And then have him spend the night. And I threw in a photo session or two. Because apparently the term REST means NOTHING to us. Up next, I think I need to spend some time studying the Sabbath and why we are commanded to take a day of rest :-)

4 - I promise I had more to tell you. Much more, lots and lots of rambling. However, the only thing I can currently think about is: editing, more editing, wedding pictures, photoshop, blah, blah, blah. . . But hopefully I will someday crawl out from the black hole of editing wedding pictures and re-join my life. I'm not seeing the light at the end of that tunnel currently, however.

5 - Jayci LOVES her 55 cent sunglasses I got at Old Navy the other day. Yup, 55 CENTS. When they rang it up I thought maybe I had accidentally gone back in time to BEFORE I WAS BORN when things were cheap.


  1. How in the world did you get THAT shirt, THOSE glasses, and THAT sun to all come together at the same time? AMAZING!!!! xoxox... you ROCK!

  2. Yeah, I'd agree that new carpet would be a good choice! I've been in the wedding photo editing hole before too and it's no fun! Good luck with that! lol And that pic of Jayci is fab!

  3. Jayci is a cutie! For some great Sabbath/Soul Care reading (since you said that was up next), Stephen Smith is a fantastic author! He is our friend from CO & founded The Potter's Inn.

  4. Man, your title makes me want to break out a piece of wood, cut up some magazines, and introduce the boys to the joy of decoupage.

  5. Ha! Those glasses were a great investment, ha! :) And yay for a closing date!!! :)

  6. Wow and Wow! Girl that is CRAZY! Hope you get settled in quickly after all the renovations. Praying everything goes smoothly with your move and new living quarters.

  7. If she knew how amazing she looked in those 55 cent sunglasses, she would love them even more!


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