Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crunching the Numbers

I was going to title this post that I was never very good at math, but that's not entirely true. I was actually really good at math, I just haven't done any since high school. Do you think my brain is atrophying already? Oh no.

Anyways, I've been having some serious problems with things just not adding up right around here lately.

For some reason there's just not enough hours in the day. . . .

Take, for example, this week:

5 - the number of hours of sleep I got last night (hint: NOT ENOUGH). I stayed up late to finish editing these pictures, and then Jayci woke up at 5am. Yup, FIVE AM.

2- The flights of stairs I have to run up to get Jayci when she starts crying so she doesn't wake up my parents

3-The number of times I had to run up and down said flights of stairs before 6am this morning.

95 - The number of minutes I spent in the car this morning driving Jayci to school. Oh and since daylight savings time started, the sun shines straight into her eyes the entire ride. Resulting in 92.8 minutes of screaming: "it too bright, i need my gasses, dey not woking, it too bight! i need get out, oweee!!" (fun right?)

4 - The number of weddings I shot this past month.

1000 - The number of pictures I've edited from said weddings. And I still have one more to go.

2 - The number of weeks we have left until we close on our house (yay!)

34 - The number of times we have had to fax/re-fax/sign/resend/etc the info to our loan. And on that note:
203k - The kind of loan we're getting so we can fix up our 100 year old house. Argh. I highly don't recommend it.

25 - The number of hours I work each week doing web site work for my parents' company (Accent Decor)

3 - The number of times (so far this week) that Jayci has yelled "stop working mom!" or "cose u computer!"

38 - How many times I had to tell Jayci "NO" today.

45 - How many times Jay made me laugh today.

2 - The number of times I've had to stop, sit down, and relax today.

0.4 seconds - The length of time the above "rests" lasted.

4 - The number of times I've sat down to write this post.

13 - The number of BETTER ideas I had for posts, but simply did not have the time (or brain capacity) to complete. I apologize that you, my dear blog readers, have to suffer through this as a result.

4 - How many people I think still read these ramblings. Including my husband, grandmother, mom, and my mother-in-law.

2 - How many days you have left to win 1 of my 5 favorite books.

2 Conclusions:

1 - I dont even know what all that equals because my brain is fried.

2 - Somehow things aren't quite adding up and I feel exhausted. Constantly.

My apologies. I'm going to edit 45 more pictures and then sleep. The end.


  1. 2 - the number of advil i need to pop just reading your list. ;)

    1 - the number of hugs i wish i could give you RIGHT NOW.

    2 - the number of cups of coffee i wish we could share and gab over.

    girl, you are TOO busy. take care of yourself, okay? *hugs*

  2. 6 - readers...your four plus me and commenter #1.
    2 - the number of weeks before WE are moving to Atlanta, so...
    1 - we need to hang out, and
    2 - I want to have kids now simply because I'll live close enough for you to take our family pictures ;)

    Hope all is well - get some sleep!!

  3. oh my goodness friend! I hope you get "a big number" of sleep tonight!! ;) And yay for closing on your house soon!! Hugs!

  4. i'm so not creative like your other commenters (is that a word when made plural?)...but i am one of your may more than 4 readers and i do read...but i'm at least 2 weeks behind on everything...but thats ok :) praying you can get some rest girl!!!

  5. It's the photography, Becca. I'm telling you, before I started getting into more than just snapping my own child's picture, my house was clean and I got everything done on time. Now, there seems to be NO time and I'm always apologizing to everyone for the balls that I keep dropping. But dang it, you've gotten so good that you can't stop now. Praying that somehow God will take your minutes and multiply them just like the loaves and fishes...

  6. Love you and praying for you! I feel the same way... in lots of different ways! Love you friend!

  7. 1,000,000 the number of times a day I wish I could do half of what you do.

    You are amazing.

    Love, one of your four faithful readers!

  8. Becca! Don't forget to breathe! If you need a (free) getaway, come on up to Nashville and stay with us for a weekend. Or weekday. Or whatever. I promise you won't have to cook, clean or work in any capacity. We'll just play and babysit and whatever you need to unwind. For realz. :)

  9. Becca I have one number for you and that is 1 which is the number of times you need to call me to come help you edit pictures. I want to learn how to do it and I will even edit my own wedding pictures...aka make myself look real good! :) But seriously, please let me know when I can come help! Love you!

  10. 65 - the number of 203k loans that close in October 2010 in the Atlanta area

    932 - the number of 203k loans that close YTD in the Atlanta area

    532 - the number of FHA approved lenders in the Atlanta area

    67 - the number of FHA lenders that do 203k loans in the Atlanta area

    1 - the number of Certified 203k Contractors in the Atlanta area

  11. i love lists and loved the post. i really miss you.

  12. Paul - add my husband to your list of certified 203K contractors in the atlanta area :)

    Becca - I do love you SO very much!!!! If i had a pinky full of your talent, wit, creativity, and amazingness (it's a word) I'd be better off :). I'll take comfort in the fact that I know you and I pray you rub off on me!

  13. Having a little one saps energy, but your investment into that little life will reap many rewards! Take heart knowing this too shall pass; a season to savor because it passes all too quickly (although I'm sure it doesn't seem like it now!) I KNOW exhaustion intimately. Sometimes you just have to go have a good cry in the shower! Thanks for your honesty...


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