Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Weekend of Fun

I consider it a great accomplishment to get my weekend recap up before the next weekend begins. I realize Thursday is cutting it a little close, but I like to live on the edge. Actually, I don't at all, but whatever.

On Friday, Jayci and some of her friends went to the pumpkin patch. Where Jayci proved her model tendencies with this gem of a pose she came up all on her own. For realz.

Jayci and her friend "baby Nora" - they're the cutest!
Pretty blue eyed girl. Zack and Sabo already said that they think she's going to be trouble with the boys.

Look how cute my preggers friend Emily is! But seriously y'all, she had her baby like a few days after this. Crazy pretty.

Look! I even made it into a picture at the pumpkin patch.
After our pumpkin festivities on Friday, I had a girl's night out with two of my dearest friends and three of the kiddos from downtown. It involved cheese dip and Cold Stone Ice cream . . . so basically, a perfect night!

Saturday we went to Jayci's sweet friend's bday party. Jayci fully enjoyed the princess bounce castle, except she didn't want to be in it when there were other kids in there. So we let her enjoy it while Naomi opened her presents and Adam went in there with her. I think she would have been wiser to jump with the other kids rather than her daddy, because he delighted in jumping right next to her and knocking her over. At one point, the entire bounce house started knocking over from his shenanigans and I had to reassure everyone that it was just my husband and not a disobedient child.

Everyone enjoyed delicious and cute Hello Kitty cupcakes. Jayci especially, because she is her mothers' daughter.

Saturday evening, we left Jayci in Nana and Pop-pop's capable hands, and headed downtown to see Zack's football game. He had been telling us how good he was and we wanted to see it for ourselves. It was a wonderful game and he really was the star. We had posters and I was so proud when he made tackle after tackle, caught an interception, and made a touchdown! I'm pretty sure he didn't have trouble spotting us in the crowd. In fact, he seemed a little embarrassed by our exuberance. That is until his teammates started asking if we could be their mentors too. Cause we're just that cool.

Unfortunately, we were rear-ended a week or two ago, and we have a rental van. It's very FANC-YEE and uses a keyless entry system both to open the doors and to start up. Which is all well and good until the battery dies and you can't get into your van and you're stuck in the middle of a less-than-desirable neighborhood after dark when they turn off all the lights on the football fields. Luckily Zack's mom, uncle, and grandmother refused to leave us alone there. And we had a lot of fun hanging out in the parking lot waiting for the rental car people to let us into our van. Imagine our surprise when he rolled up in a sweet Cadillac, prompting Zack's mom to ask: "where did y'all rent this car from, the street?!" Ha.

On Sunday we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving. Mostly because we'll take any excuse to eat. Especially to eat a lot of really delicious good including (but not limited too) turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cheesy mashed potatoes, biscuits, pumpkin pie, apple crisp, cinnamon maple whipped cream, gravy, green beans . . . I could keep going but now I'm hungry and need a snack. But trust me, it was delicious. I'm already looking forward to our NEXT Thanksgiving meal!


  1. Loved all these pictures! The one of you and that pretty blue eyed babe is adorable! And I like weekend recaps on Thursday...extends the fun, I say. :-)

  2. it's easy to see where jayci gets her looks from =) love that picture of you two!

    i bet zack loved having y'all there. but a big boy can't admit that!

  3. Cinnamon maple whipped cream?
    Goodness gracious I want to be your neighbor : )

    LOVE the pictures of Jayci. She is the prettiest little thing.

    Laughed out loud about the bouncy house almost being knocked over by your big kid : )

  4. aww I love the pumpkin pics! SO cute! and yay, you're in a pic!! you look beautiful! cheese dip and ice cream, umm yeah, that's a good night :) That is awesome that you went to Zack's game, I know that meant so much to him! Y'all are so cute!

  5. LOVE the first picture!! PRECIOUS!!!!

  6. What great pics. I am loving little noa and her ponytail too so cute

  7. first of all...i'm SO still reading!!! i'm just terrible at commenting! i'm about to go back and read all your "radical" posts (tonighT) bc i keep hearing so much about this book! i love reading your posts bc i feel like i'm "talking" to you! these pictures are just beautiful! and jayci just keeps getting more beautiful (if that's even possible!). keep writing friend! you minister to more people than you know through your blog!

  8. While I love these pictures, I'm sad that H and T aren't in them!!!

  9. Love the pics! And the rental van. And you ARE that cool.

  10. 1. I sometimes wish I were Canadian so I could have two Thanksgivings.

    2. YAY! You came out from behind the camera.

    3. The Caddie remark made me howl.

  11. Um your pregnant friend looks AMAZING. That makes me feel like a tub 'o' lard. I need to know where her pretty purple shirt is from! Love the pics of sweet Jayci!


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