Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pictures are fun

As I mentioned in this post, I have been taking lots of pictures for people lately. Which is fun, and I don't want those pictures to completely take over the blog. I also, however, don't want my loyal blog readers to miss out on them . . . so I'm compromising with a recap post and a FEW of my favorite pictures. Now remember, with me, "few" might be a relative term.

My sweet friend Libby had a gorgeous little baby boy. He is seriously adorable, and they're a beautiful family.
My cousin Jacob was in town for my sister's wedding, and asked me to take some senior pictures for him.
The Smooklers got engaged. And married, that's why they're now "the Smooklers" -- but I haven't blogged their wedding yet. Patience people.
Valerie and Jon got married. And it was amazing, seriously the coolest little wedding ever.
My friends Suz and Tom also got married. And it was entirely because of me. Ok, maybe not ENTIRELY.
All that, and there's more coming! Someday soon, once I get my act together. Come to think of it, that might not be soon necessarily. But the pictures, those will be soon.

Ok I'm done rambling. Now go leave me some love on my photo sessions so I don't feel like a bad photographer. Thank you and happy Thursday!


  1. Love those shots! I think my fav is the last bw one. It's just...perfect!

  2. I love pictures. You can let them take over if you want : ) Words are ok, but are magic.

    Would love you forever if you could come over and leave Sarah Robertson a comment on her interview. I always get so nervous that my super duper interviewees won't get enough comments. And they are such total superstars! They need comments. : )

  3. You're doing an awesome job and I can't see enough of them!

  4. holey smokes! LOVE that shoes shot! but you did a great job with all of them, gorgeous!! thanks for the blog visit! :-)


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