Friday, October 1, 2010

Mendhi and More

I think Sarah needs to know that her wedding celebration is the longest one I have ever experienced. Ever. And I can only say that because she is currently on another continent probably laying on the beach in the sun right now. Not that I'm jealous. Sob.

But seriously, the party started with the Hindu ceremony, and then the Thursday before the wedding we had a "Mendhi party." Mendhi is probably the first thing you think about when you think of an Indian wedding (or maybe that's just me) because it's those beautiful henna designs you usually see on the bride's hands . . . So the mendhi party was complete with a henna -painter-mendhi-designer - whatever she would prefer to be called (I'm so culturally literate, clearly). Anyways, all of Hash's family and some of ours (those who were lucky enough to make it to Atlanta on thursday for the festivities) attended the party. And can I just say that they THREW IT DOWN. It was the best party ever, for serious. There was dancing and more dancing and karaoke and more dancing and eating and drinking and performances and dancing and techno music and traditional Indian dances and I could keep going but I'll spare you all.

I'm slightly obsessed with the pretty colors these ladies (and kiddos) get to wear all the time. So pretty!
Sarah was letting her henna dry.
She didn't like me much. However, I liked her because (hello) she is super-cute and wearing a fabulous outfit.
The happy couple - what a pair of hotties.
Their REAL personalities emerge.
Our side of the family at the gathering. Please note that Adam is still wearing a rose behind his ear, and I should have chosen a different pose considering my outfit. Live and learn people, live and learn.
She danced with ONLY her facial expressions for a good five minutes. I have never been more impressed.
One of my favorite dances of the evening. He is normally so quiet and reserved, until the music starts apparently.
My sister enjoying the performances, while trying not to mess up her henna design.
Another favorite dance from the night, I think it was called "zoobie zoo" or something like that. I only remember because my mom kept accidentally calling it "scooby doo." Again, we're super-culturally literate in this family.


  1. so pretty... i love the details in an Indian wedding! y'all all look great! give sarah a big congratulatory hug when she arrives back from me! :)

  2. So interesting and sooooo fun!!!! :)

  3. beautiful faces. pics. colors!

  4. so pretty! we live in a community with a decent sized Indian population. This means that at the multicultural event our school throws, there are lots of women and children in their beautiful outfits, amazing food and mendhi. the design on my hand is just barely visible.

    my husband and i feel called to build community in our community, to be the hands and feet here. Although this has us out of comfort zone a fair bit, the upside is the amazing food we get to enjoy. we've built friendships with one Indian family in particular. we've shared meals several times and oh the food!

    Congratulations to your sister! The pictures are beautiful and i'm enjoying them. :)

  5. Oh I loove the diversity!! Did you know that Henna is good for you hair? I am a Henna head! I use it on my hair at least once every other month..It gives it like a redish color.Protects the hair from being damaged,spilt ends, and keeps in natural moisture. Okaay, so that was my hair 101 lesson for the day. Sorry I gets excited when I see Henna! :)

    Of course I looved the pics!

  6. You crack me up, girl! What a great blending of cultures and families..I predict many fun and crazy times in the years to come!

  7. Oh, I just love Indian culture!! I'm actually taking a Bollywood dance class. ;-) Hilarious: this white 40 year old trying to follow the little wisp of a thing teacher who is probably still in high school. ;-)

  8. You seriously make me laugh so much! Live and learn. Can you tell I'm behind on blog posts and blowing up your email with all of my comments? Also, I need you to teach me how to use my camera...


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