Friday, October 22, 2010

A List To Grow On

I can't believe it's already the weekend. I feel as though the week flew by, and I can't even remember what I did.

Here's a few snippets/thoughts/ramblings from the week. Try to contain your enthusiasm at the caliber of this post. For realz.

1-I was feeling feisty and helpful and domestic on Monday night, so I thought I'd try and make dinner for once (please note, Adam does most of the cooking around here). Unfortunately, I had just put the Rice-a-roni on the stove to brown when my friend Danielle called. I might have gotten a little distracted, when all of a sudden I heard the fire alarm beep a few times. And realized I had messed up my super-complicated-extra-fancy-dinner by COMPLETELY charring the rice. I called Adam in defeat and he whipped something gourmet up for us. Reminding me why he usually cooks and not me. Just sayin.

2- My talented baby sister (not the one who recently got married, the other one . . . and don't worry, I only have 2) recently got hired (out of 3000 applicants) as a pastry chef for the Saint Regis hotel in Atlanta. Hello big time. Anyways, I'm totally impressed with her and a little jealous of her glamorous life. She is currently making a giant gingerbread house for the lobby of the hotel. Last week she made dessert for Lucy Liu and then saw Dennis Quaid when he got locked out of his hotel room in his bathrobe. Mostly, I'm excited that I get to eat her goodies for free all the time. And also I'm excited that she promised on facebook (for all the world to see) to make me some pumpkin goodies soon! Pumpkin is quite possibly my favorite ever (but don't hold me to that, I reserve the right to be fickle in my dessert preferences).

3- I apologize for the late invite, but TOMORROW is the Fall Festival at camp. There will be food and fun and food and tours and kiddos and pumpkins and, did I mention, free food? If anyone wants to come, we'd love to have you!

4-I could have sworn I had more to tell you. Unfortunately, my brain won't let me remember what those things are right now. So I'll end there. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I would totally crash your Fall Festival if we lived closer :)

    And congrats to your sister! That is so awesome! I need to quit watching "Just Desserts"... I just get jealous and drooly ;)

  2. So Emma took the St Regis job?!?! That's so awesome! When I'm in Atlanta around Christmas, can we go eat there?
    I'm still on my pumpkin kick: this morning I made the boys "pumpkin pie oatmeal," which I just made up by adding pumpkin puree into the oatmeal while it was cooking. They loved it!
    I miss you--and really wish I was going to the Fall Festival tomorrow!!

  3. Congrats to your sister. I am kinda jealous...I am super star-struck but could never be a pastry chef. I can cook but baking is NOT my forte!
    Hope you had fun at the Fall Festival and a gReAt weekend!

  4. I bet your sister would've done a better job on my pumpkin roll.

    Just sayin'


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