Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I know it's been a long time since I posted some links for y'all. But never fear, I'm back. With a vengeance. Because it's feast or famine around here people, that's just how I roll.

And also be warned that my links are ALL over the board for you today. Sorry, no rhyme or reason.

*I LOVED this post by Kristen. And please, please, please watch the video. Pretty please? Christians and Adoption

*I know I'm totally behind and haven't posted for Radical this week, but you should still go visit Marla's blog and read all about Chapter 4. And let's hope that this doesn't turn into my college English class when I could never do all my reading once I got behind.

*Need a laugh? This cracked me up. Seriously, cracked me up. A lot. And reminded me of my own social awkwardness.

*The 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the US - #22? That's where we're moving. I debated even putting this up here, because I was concerned about our parents' sort of freaking out a little. But the need is great, and that's where we're going. Oh and PRAY for us - for our safety, for our family, for the neighborhood . . .

*I'll be honest, this last link gives me butterflies just posting it. I started a new blog for my photography stuff. Because I've been encouraged by so many sweet friends to step out into it. And because I've had a bunch of shoots lately that I really want to share, but I would also like to keep them from taking over this blog. Anyways, I've put my first two posts up, and I'd really really LOVE for you guys to follow me and like me and comment on me. Because I'm still a little insecure, despite all my big talk: "It took me accepting who I was and realizing the intrinsic beauty of the world both around and within me before I was able to let go of those perfectionist tendencies to some degree." Go visit and read the rest - pretty please?


  1. I'm trying to like it on facebook but my phone won't let me. The minute I get to a computer I'm all over it! Super proud of you.

  2. All really great links...well, minus the most dangerous neighborhoods one :)...But I will be praying! You have amazing photography skills and I'm glad you have a blog to showcase what you can do!

  3. Cant wait to see your photography blog, Im glad you have made this desicion. People always say, when I become, or I want to become, you've already became. Keep doin ya thang. And I did not mean for those last two lines.... to rhyme. the way, can you post the "Grace Sponsorship" video on your blog.

  4. Great new blog! I love it! Keep up the good work and ultimately, when you blog for an audience of One, it takes the pressure off. No comments or a thousand won't matter because you are a daughter of the King and that King is totally enthralled by all that you are.

    I know you know that. Just thought I'd give you a pep talk. :)

    GO Becca! (See, I don't even know you and I'm a big fan of yours) :)

  5. I just followed your photography blog! So excited for you :) I love your work. If you ever find yourself in southeast Virginia you're welcome to take our photos :)

  6. Just reading this but can't wait to take a look at your photography blog! Any chance you want to come to Savannah and take some family pictures?!?


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