Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's About Time . . . Sarah's Wedding

I know y'all have been patiently waiting for two whole weeks now - so I figured it was about time I posted some pictures from my sister's wedding. Seriously, my pictures don't do justice to how beautiful it all was. She was stunning. Hash was gorgeous (sorry Hash, but it's true). The ceremony was so moving (evidenced by my ugly cry throughout): it was intimate and special and one of my favorite ceremonies I've ever seen or been a part of. It took place in this really beautiful small old church, and my Opa married them. Sabo and Zack ushered people to their seats, Jayci walked down the aisle holding Samaya's hand, and Sincere proudly handed the couple their rings at just the right time (oh and Jayci was shockingly perfectly behaved. And she walked nicely down the aisle and finished with a little dancing to the cello music up at the front before retreating to sit with Adam's parents for the rest of the ceremony). Opa had the couple face the audience throughout the ceremony, which was a beautiful touch that added intimacy, especially in such a small venue. When opa cried, and Hash teared up . . . I might have lost it a little (Or a lot. Whichever).

I made a conscious decision to enjoy this day without worrying about being "the photographer" (she had hired Our Labor of Love after all, and clearly they would do a better job documenting than i would). I did, however, take a few pictures (I mean, I just can't help myself really - particularly when I'm surrounded by so much love and beauty!)

I was so impressed by how calm and collected Sarah was on her wedding morning -- she's getting her make-up done here.
Atlanta wedding photographer henna tattoo hands bride
Beautiful bride getting ready at salon in Atlanta wedding photographyUmm, hello? My sister is beautiful.
Atlanta wedding photographer make-up artist and bride
Bride getting make-up done before her wedding by Atlanta wedding photographerJayci wearing the little flower girl headband I made her.
Flower girl headpiece by Atlanta wedding photographerSarah reading the sweet love letter (sealed with wax) that Hash wrote her. So cute - I love them.
Reading love letter from fiance - portrait by Atlanta wedding photographerThe flower girls playing together.
Flower girls playing before the wedding by Atlanta wedding photographerDad and Sarah practicing their dance for the reception.
Picture by Atlanta wedding photographer - father-daughter practicing dance
Portrait of bride and her parents before the weddingSarah's bridesmaids helping her get her jewelry on before the ceremony.
Henna tattoo on bride's hand in Atlanta, wedding photographerGetting all dressed and putting the shoes on. It's almost time!
Bride getting ready shot with henna tattoo on hand - wedding photographer in Atlanta
*There is a large break in my pictures between getting ready and after the ceremony - I'll have to fill those in later for you with official pictures from the official photographer.

I just had to include this one of my handsome ushers and ring-bearer. THERE's that smile Sabo - I love it when you smile!Ushers and ring-bearer Atlanta inner-city ministry*You can also see some more pictures I took of wedding details on my parents' company's blog here.


  1. LOVE it!!! What a beautiful bride! I love the flower in her hair - & the henna on her hands... what a special time of "weddings" she's had...

    Love the picture of the "practice dance" :)

  2. I love the flower girl headband you made. It is so gorgeous!

  3. Oh! She is so very beautiful. I also love your parents. They don't make enough appearances here on the Stanley Clan. I think you need to remedy that ASAP : )

    Your sister is lovely. And so are you. And the baby....oh my heart. Could she be any more perfect? Seriously? Could she?


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