Monday, October 25, 2010

I Heart Faces: Pink Week

This week at I Heart Faces, they are celebrating pink week for breast cancer awareness. The picture I REALLY wanted to enter is the one I didn't take, but it involved Zack's entire football team wearing pink wristbands and sweatbands in support of breast cancer awareness. It was quite the site, but since I already was noticeable enough at his game, I didn't want to embarrass him any further by pulling out my giant camera too!

Instead, here's a quick pic of Jayci's sweet little friend Nora. Is she not the CUTEST thing ever?! I love her, and her momma is one of my dearest friends too. I love that little birthmark on her cheek - it's just perfect!
I Heart Faces photo contest entry baby picture pink
For more inspiring and beautiful PINK entries, visit I Heart Faces!


  1. Nora is very adorable. I love babies. Oh my goodness. All that sweetness stuffed into a tiny person. I can't even take it : )

    Pink football players. LOVE that!

  2. she IS the cutest! I just love her little stork kiss on her cheek :-) thanks always for your sweet blog comments Becca! XOX

  3. What a sweetheart! But her eyes say, "Don't mess with me or else..." LOL!

  4. She is beautiful! I love her eyes!

  5. It looks just like a little heart!

  6. awww...look a the boo boo on her face!


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