Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: Pregaming it

Here at the Stanley household, we're all about prolonging holiday-related festivities for as long as possible.

We kicked things off with a halloween parade at Jayci's preschool. A parade which concluded with cupcake decorating, or rather cupcake-eating without a whole lot of "decorating" for the two year old class. But regardless, it was a ridiculously cute affair. Ridiculously.
Even Wonder Woman needs a cupcake break every once in a while right?
With her preschool BFF, the cutest little bee ever!
The chaotic well-organized decorating table.
What? She likes cupcakes, just like her momma.
After that, Jayci napped for two hours in an unprecedented sugar-induced slumber. Then she woke up and refused to take her costume off - so we went to the park in her Wonder Woman alter-ego. And met with some of our sweet friends to pick out and carve pumpkins.
It turns out that Wonder Woman is very fast and never stops running and it's difficult to get non-blurry pictures of all the running.

I pick THIS ONE mom.
My favorite shot of the two cuties. Seriously, Naomi is just the cutest thing ever. Well, her and Jayci are both the cutest things ever.
My beautiful friend Dianne and her beautiful baby girl.

After selecting the pumpkins, we had ourselves a friendly little pumpkin carving competition. According to the facebook "votes," I believe I would be considered the winner. However, I am pretty sure that was simply because people felt sorry for my little bunny with the toothpick holding his "buck teeth" in place. Because clearly, Brad and Dianne have the pumpkin carving skillz among us (theirs are the cool, shaded, glowing ones). Zack and Sabo declared that mine was better than Adams, but his was "gangster." And they said that the reason mine had ants crawling on it and his didn't is that the ants knew to stay away from that gangster pumpkin.


  1. I thought the sticker on her at first was a "Starbucks" sticker... like she's a Starbucks Super hero! :) Caffeine is probably the last thing she needs - right?

    I love her little cupcake, innocent looking face :)

  2. Love Jayci's costume! SO cute! Love the pumpkins...I may need some lessons next year!

  3. I wish I looked that cute in tights.

  4. You really captured Halloween for your family!

  5. adorable! i love her costume...and of course, your pictures are amazing! so crisp and clear! love them! sounds like yall had lots of fun!

  6. Totally adorable - looks like a fun time!

  7. Quite possibly the cutest Wonder Woman of all time!

  8. These pictures are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! :) Love the pumpkins!!!


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