Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Festivities at the Fall Festival

Well, I suppose a weekend re-cap on a Friday is better than a Thursday right? Oh, it's worse? Right.

It's like I'm getting farther and farther "into the weeds" (as my friend Megan would say).

That said, I really wanted to post a recap from this year's fall festival at camp; however, seeing as I have 1804 other things I need to get done right now, you will have to settle for a pictorial recap. I'm sorry you will have to miss out on my usual stunning wording and hilarity. Try not to be too disappointed.

Inner city ministry fall festival atlanta
Someone please notice the way Jayci was grinning at J-man. She loves him.
Fall Festival near Macon, GA in RobertaLee was retrieving Jayci for me so she wouldn't jump into the lake. Thanks Lee.
Speaking of Lee, he totally took this picture. He was in my photography class this summer, and he kept reminding me of this fact before begging endlessly to use my camera.
Toddrick was concentrating hard on painting his pumpkin. Well that and he has a serious eye-injury thanks to his older brother. But that's another story for another day.

pumpkin painting at the fall festival for Camp GraceHay rides at fall festival near Macon, GA


  1. awww, what great pics! that pic Lee took is so good! and you look so cute! (yay for you being in another picture ;-)) what a wonderful festival!

  2. Love that family picture of you guys! (Way to go in teaching him how to click well!)

    And that horse pic... you know they will always get me! :)

  3. How sweet! What great moments to capture- love how focused they are painting! :)

  4. Love the pics! Esp. the family picture!!! Y'all are my heros.


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