Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some kiddo-time

I know, I know, y'all want to see pictures from Sarah's wedding. I UNDERSTAND, trust me, I do. But I'm a wee-bit behind on my photo-editing, and I'm even more behind on LIFE, as it turns out. Yesterday, however, I had the pleasure of hanging out at the park with these two cuties

I die. They are so cute.

We played at the park right by Jayci's preschool while their mama went to go try and figure out some free childcare/preschool for them. It was an interesting and saddening contrast to me to see them "play" at the park while Jayci attended her nice preschool with organic food and japanese class. I KNOW we are doing the right thing with where we put Jayci for school, but it's a hard pill to swallow thinking about how STUCK these kids are. How they're going to start school with such a deficit simply because their mom doesn't have the resources or ability to teach them herself or get them enrolled somewhere. By the way, allow me to get on my soapbox for just a moment (don't worry, I'll try and keep it brief) it makes ZERO sense that she has to be working 24 hours a week in order for them to qualify for childcare help -- because how is she supposed to get a job to work 24 hours a week when she has 2 babies at home?! Umm, not so much. Oh and don't even get me started on the state of her older kids' schooling. . . What a broken system. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to fix it except to start getting my own hands dirty to help.

Enough of that. No one likes the soapbox.

Anyways, I promise I'll be back soon with some wedding pictures and stories . . . but for now, back to editing!


  1. Those faces are beautiful!!!!!!

  2. What gorgeous children!

    Now get to editing some wedding pictures!!

  3. Amen!!!!!!! Agree with you totally!

    Adorable pics as always and can't wait to see the others!

  4. They are gorgeous. I am dying too : ) Those eyes. Precious!

    I tell my families that send their children to the horribly flawed schools in Philadelphia I feel their pain. And when they complain about the state of their schools this is what I say:

    "Go and volunteer in your childs classroom. Help their teacher. Dedicate an hour or two a week. Do it for all of your children. This is how YOU can make a difference. Don't just sit here and complain and hate on the school, go and do something. Take ownership. Is this horrible school in your neighborhood? Make it better. Go to your state representatives. Go to the churches. Go and go and go and fight and fight and fight. Do not sit in your living room and tell me your child's school is horrible. I see it. I see the horrible school and I know that if we just complain nothing will ever get better. We all have to BE THE CHANGE.

    I guess I should get off my soap box now. And get the heck out of the city. Your baby is learning Japanese : ) Craziness!

  5. Becca,
    I'm with you and Becky...those of us with the ability to make a difference in others lives SHOULD do just that! Easy to say, not always as easy to do with our busy, privileged lives. We really don't know how good we have it until we stop to take a look around. Becca, thank you for being a leader and a role model. You make me aspire to be a better person.
    Oh, and those two little ones are the cutest! How could you not melt looking into those eyes :)

  6. I wish I had a big oooww mansion with lots of rooms to bring all the less fortunate children in, and give them lives of love, peace, and comfort.


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