Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sarah's Hindu Ceremony

I may have mentioned this a time or twenty, but my little sister is getting married this weekend! It's hard to believe she's all grown up, but she has (apparently). Last weekend (um I think - somehow I've lost all sense of time in the midst of temper tantrums that never stop and wedding madness and work and living in someone else's house and . . . ) she and Hash had their Hindu ceremony. I was able to take some pictures, and can I just say that it was a BEAUTIFUL day with gorgeous colors, and my sister was/is just absolutely stunning?
Close up of Hindu bride
Sister adjusting Indian bride's headpiece

Hindu wedding ceremony by Atlanta wedding photographer

If we're friends on facebook, you can see more pictures here. And if we're not friends, than we probably should be, right?


  1. OH... MY....GOSH.... How beautiful!!! I love the close up with the rhinestones above the eyebrows...

    (Man you look alike!)

    And heck yeah - we MUST be friends on Facebook! :)

  2. Becca, the ceremony was STUNNING. I can't wait to see pictures of celebration #2 this weekend!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous Becca. I was astounded by them on facebook. Stunning.

  4. LOVE these pictures, so pretty!!!!!!

  5. So I though all the pictures were gorgeous. Then I laughed out loud at the one of Adam. Then I looked at the next picture and gasped... seriously - just amazing.

    So glad they had a beautiful wedding!

  6. I love the close up with the jewels over her eyes. Question. Did she convert to Hindu?zwi

  7. oh my absolutely gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I love the photo of the guy in the middle too:) She's so beautiful.

  8. Congratulations to your sister. She really is very beautiful. I love the picture of her eyes too. Good Luck for everybody :D

  9. This looks amazing! Such gorgeous pictures.

    BTW, I think your sis looks a lot like you!

  10. Your sister does look beautiful!!!
    your photography is amazing.

  11. SO gorgeous! Also love that photo of her eyes! Wow.


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