Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rubberband Man

Ooooo y'all are in for such a treat today (not that every day isn't full of treats here at The Stanley Clan. Wait, it's not?). This summer at camp, we had our own resident counselor (Frank) who did double-duty as "Complex the Exec." Complex is a talented rapper, and was one of our funniest counselors. I don't even know if I can explain Frank to you, despite my most valiant efforts, Frank defies explanation. Anyhow, he had this one song that he performed for the kids every week (ok every day - at the request of his fellow counselors), Rubberband Man (not to be confused with T.I.'s song of the same name).

*Just look how much fun the kids are having jamming out to his song. Is "jamming out" the cool term to use these days? I don't even know.
*As a side note, every time we hear this song Jayci says "Fank wear hat." I guess because he always wore the signature red hat, it must be what transformed him into "Complex the Exec." She loved Frank. Seriously.
See how fun? Loves it.

And I could not be more excited to share the video he made for the song here, in all it's glory. Look closely, and you can spot me (with my camera in a few places, and if you look really closely you MIGHT even get to see me dancing - a rare and priceless occasion). And Adam makes a cameo or 2 as well.

So you should watch it. Trust me, you won't regret it.

And you can visit his website here if you want to see more Frank, or rather, Complex.


  1. How FUN is that...

    I've now got line "He's coming back" line stuck in my head! :)

    So fun seeing kids still able to get their "Swagger" on with music with good messages! Awesome!

    I did catch a camera-holder in the video! :)

  2. That is so awesome and fun. Thanks for sharing? Can I download that onto itunes? Dude- would be great for my running mix. :)

  3. I loved this!!

    And I totally saw you dancing. Of course I might have watched this twice looking for it to. But whatever.. =)

  4. I love that our great God is coming again. And I LOVE that we can be excited about it.

    He seems like a super fun counselor! Thanks for sharing his song. And thanks for sharing His song.


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