Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our summer in Review

As if I haven't "reviewed" my summer enough already, I decided to participate this week at I Heart Faces and do it again! I know, you're so excited you can barely contain yourself. Clearly.

Since i LITERALLY took over 1000 pictures this summer, I narrowed it down to a fraction of those (which, for those of you who do math, is still a lot). And since it was still far too many pictures to post on here, I put them into a handy-dandy little slideshow. I'm so efficient like that.

I even tried to include some video footage of some of the sweet cheers and such that the kiddos did this summer; however, said inclusion is clearly too technically advanced for my feeble mind. So just imagine the kids shouting "hello yellow" and "honk honk beep beep rolling down the street say it 10 times a week that the ladies can't be beat" or "He makes it O, He makes it OK" . . . Music to my ears.

Here's a few more random pictures from our summer (from the few parts that didn't include camp)

And just now I realized that these pictures don't actually show anything specific about the summer, there's no activity involved. Just a super-cute little girl.

Side notes:

1 - Go visit I Heart Faces today for more summer reviews (yikes - the way I said that made it sound like a school assignment of some sort. Don't worry, it's not.)

2 - Who's participating in the Radical read-along at Marla's blog? (me me me!) The introductory post is up today. Be sure to head over and introduce yourself. If you have no idea what in the world I'm talking about (that's par for the course around here anyways right?) then head over anyways and read all about it.

3 - Anyone praying for our house and the offer right now, 35k is the number to be praying they accept.
"The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." -James 5:16


  1. wow, all of the pics are so sweet and so much fun! it looks like the kids had an a-MAZING time! the full groups pics are so good, and I love the group underwater pic, so fun! Y'all are such a blessing!! and the pics of Jayci are so cute :)

  2. Wowzers, Becca! You did a fantastic job with the slideshow from camp. Every picture was amazing and you sure did capture the fun and the joy on each and every face.
    And the pics of Jayci are super duper adorable. Her blond hair is so so beautiful. Thank you for sharing ;)

  3. Is that a headband in Jayci's hair? does she actually keep it in if it is? Allie's hair is so fine and I thought about trying a headband but I think she might just rip it out constantly day after day!!!


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