Monday, September 6, 2010

A Labor Day List

1. The truth is that I don't REALLY even know what Labor day is about. All I know is that Adam is home from work, Jayci is home from school, and yet I still have to send out my email newsletter. Lame.

2. This weekend we celebrated my sister's bachelorette weekend. I seriously find it hard to believe she's going to be married in less than three weeks. Next weekend, in fact, is the ceremony at the Hindu temple. For which I get to wear a beautiful "Lacha," which is an "Indian party dress" according to my sister. All I know is that it's pretty and beaded and green and pink. And shows my belly, which is blindingly white and contrasts nicely with the bright colors and my camp-all-summer-wearing-a-one-piece tan . . .

Back to the bachelorette party: It was fun. And I have no photographic evidence that it even existed because my camera has not been retrieved from the shop yet. I was really sad not to have it along this weekend, especially since my talented sister made a delicious cake using a penis-mold (it looked more like Casper the friendly ghost - but that wasn't her fault, I blame the mold). And because Sarah paid for all her bridesmaid to have a FAN-CEE wine tasting at a gorgeous, gorgeous vineyard in North Georgia. Where it was so beautiful that it was physically painful not to have my camera in hand. And then we went for boat rides, and laid out in the sun on a fantastic double decker dock. Although I will be honest, I did sneak off to bed before all the rest of the younguns did. Proving that I was the old-married-mama at the party.

3. While I was gallivanting around doing bachelorette activities, including eating lots of junk and drinking margaritas, Adam took the boys (Zack and Sabo) along with my brother-in-law-to-be to the opening Georgia game. We were super-excited to be able to take them, because we are hoping to inspire them to attend college. Especially college at UGA. Go Dawgs! It was a blow-out, the weather was perfect, and game day is always fun - so I'd say mission accomplished on that one. But again, no photographic evidence that it ever happened.

4. Today we're sitting at my parents' house, and staring at the accumulated mess from them being out of town and us not having to immediately pick-up after ourselves. I'm willing it to go away on it's own, but unfortunately the cleaning crew doesn't come until Friday and my parents get home tomorrow. Dang-it.

5. We *think* we're putting an offer on a house tomorrow . . . PRAY!!!


  1. Your weekend sounds so fun! A wine tasting! A penis cake! A boat : )

    At least your white stomach is nice and flat. You will look so pretty in your indian party dress!

    Make sure you get your camera back before the wedding, k? We have some neighbors from India and when they invite us to their house for parties I get so excited. The clothing is SO pretty. Oh. My. Heart.

    I am going to pray all the mess disappears in the house. : ) You pray for mine too, k? : )

    PS Labor day makes me laugh. Are we celebrating the fact that we labor all year? Who knows. But what I do know is that I always love a day off! Kaiish is starting fifth grade tomorrow. I can't even take it. Why oh why do they grow up so quickly?

  2. It was worth coming over here today to hear the description of your blindingly white mid-section.

  3. The bachelorette party sounds divine! I could go for a big glass of wine on a boat in the sun and for a big piece of penis cake (Sorry, I couldn't help myself, cuz that is funny!)
    Good luck your house offer!!!

    Have a great week, Becca :)

  4. I can't believe there are no party picks!! There better be a pic of you rocking that Indian gown. Most def!

    So jealous the boys got to go to the GA game!!!!! I want to go to one so bad!!

  5. Oh, girl….. You don’t need photos to know that much fun was had for y’a’ll over the weekend!!!! And YAY about putting offer on a house, keeping fingers crossed and praying!!!

  6. Did you get it all done on Monday Becca? I prayed you did : )

    If you get a chance tonight, could you come and comment on the photography interview? Every week I get sick to my stomach nervous that the nice interviewees won't get enough feedback and they will be dissappointed. You are always so encouraging, so I knew I could ask you. Thanks a million ba jillion!


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