Friday, September 24, 2010

Jayci's 2nd Birthday Extravaganza

Ok, if I'm being completely honest, it wasn't actually an extravaganza. I think I was still tired from all the crafting I did for her party last year, so this year we opted for a fun little get-together at the park (aka no cleaning up my house. Plus, we dont have a house right now. Well not one that is conducive to children's birthday parties aka - one that doesnt have boarded up windows etc). Please forgive me for the confusing, grammatically incorrect run-on sentences.

As it turns out, most of Jayci's little friends have either moved, recently acquired new younger siblings, or were suffering from various and sundry stomach bugs/strep throats etc . . . Hence, most of the party-goers at Jayci's party were adults. She didn't mind, however, because she takes after her father and enjoys being the center of attention. If she took after me, she would prefer hiding in the corner or hovering over the snack table.

I did have my sister make some delicious cupcakes. Although if you look at the cupcakes I made (the pink ones below), I can understand why you might be confused in trying to figure out which one of us went to the French Pastry School (hint: it wasn't me).

We forgot candles, and briefly considered light one of the miniature pinwheels on fire, but opted out of it since, after all, we were in a public park and not our own backyard. I also made some cute little goodie bags with Rice Krispie treats that Jayci helped make, and a CD entitled "Jayci's party mix". Unfortunately, I may or may not have forgotten to listen to the cd completely, and it may or may not have included a song with some inappropriate language. You might want to watch out for Track 15, just sayin.

*The creepy guy who is joining our family this weekend!
*Jayci's beautiful little friend Nomie

*This is how Jayci feels about all the pictures. Actually this is her "silly face." Classic.


  1. Look at that silly face... I busted out laughing!!

    Oh man... that woulda been CLASSIC to catch the pinwheel on fire! haha!!!

    Isnt it always fun to welcome a "creepy guy" into the family :) Hey, if he's going to be your new brother, he's gotta learn to take jabs, right?

    LOVE the pic of Jayci with the littel baby carriage!!!!

  2. Looks like you guys had fun! I'm all about not cleaning up the house before or after a party. Good choice!

  3. adorable!!!

    and can I just say that your photography is rocking lately!!! wow!

  4. hahhaha!! I looove that last pic! she reminds me of Adam in the photo from your sisters wedding!! too funny!!! Where did you get that vintage stroller! CUTE!!
    She is so stinkin cute!

  5. Love the cupcakes! Martha Stewart right? The birthday crown is also great! The expression in the last is hysterical!

  6. Happy Birthday Jayci! I LOVE the last picture. Just precious!!

  7. HAHA!!! That last picture, LOVE it!!!!! :)

  8. I love your daughters dress! I bought the same dress for my daughter this summer adn she also wore it on her birthday - great minds think alike. They both look so pretty in that dress.
    ~kashya from candidkoosh

  9. Somehow I am just seeing this post, and I had to tell you what a doll she is! Her silly face is precious!

    But how is she already two???

  10. I love that face in the last picture - priceless!!!!!

    Gotta love track number 15! So funny!

  11. seriously.
    how cute is she?

    that last pic is a crack up.

    wish you could take pics of my boys......
    any trips planned North??


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