Monday, August 2, 2010

I Heart Faces: Random Acts of Kindness

I am excited about this week's theme of "random acts of kindness" at I Heart Faces. I've explained for I Heart Faces before how excited I am to use my photography as another form of the ministry we do in inner city Atlanta. Most of the families we spend our time serving and working with wouldn't even begin to dream of getting their photos taken professionally. I love the chance to offer them a gift that is not only an extravagance to them, but that can also offer them a glimpse at just how precious their family really is. I think opening their eyes to the beauty of their children, their relationships and their roles as parents could really have a lasting impact on how they live their lives and the decisions they make.

Here's a few examples of pictures I've taken for families so far, I am excited for the opportunity to do more . . . And not only that, but to have the opportunity to share these families amazing stories and hearts with people who might have negative or stereotypical views of the people we work with. We are hoping to change that on both sides of the issue - both for the people being stereotyped and the people doing the stereotyping!

Visit I Heart Faces this week for more inspiring stories of how people are using their photography to make a difference!


  1. You are baaaad honey with that camera! Fierce pictures!! The LORD is using it I am sure! Hope you guys are getting much rest from summer camp if you havent already! praying for you!!

  2. Oh! I love what you do.
    With your words and with your actions you are making a difference for Jesus.

    Thank you.

    You remind me to serve every day.

  3. These are all wonderful photos. I am so impressed that you donate your skills and time to people in order to "offer them a glimpse at just how precious their family really is."

  4. Just beautiful pictures! What an awesome way to use your time and talents for the betterment of His kingdom!

  5. Beautiful pictures. beautiful ministry.

  6. Amazing pictures. What a way to make a serve!

  7. Thanks for stopping at my blog, please come back again soon!

    Such wonderful, innocent little faces. It's great, this effort that you are making to break the cycle and teach them that they can be better.

  8. Awesome pictures and what a great idea! brain is churning with ideas.... :)


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