Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Vacation

I am sitting in a quiet house in Florida, Jayci is sleeping soundly in the big ol' closet, and I write this from a nice California-King sized bed. Oh how I love king-sized beds! It's nearly midnight, and Adam is with the boys on the beach. Yup, he's showing the three teenagers who have joined our family vacation this year the beach at night. I'm actually surprised they agreed to go, since he just finished showing them "Shark Week'' and scaring them away from ever wanting to actually get back in the ocean.

But I'm glad they went, because all those stars they'll see? You can't see them from their apartment complexes in downtown Atlanta. And the vast expanse of water, with waves crashing on the shore in a perfect combination of strength and peace? They've never experienced that before either. Nor have they ever felt the sand beneath and between their toes, stretching for miles in every direction.

So tonight, they are experiencing God in a whole new way. In a myriad of new ways actually. They will know Him as the God who numbered all those stars. Who knows them each by name, who put them in place. They will see Him as the God who holds that vast expanse of inky water in the palms of His mighty hand. The God who counts all the grains of sand on every single inch of the beach. The Creator who is all-powerful, and who made every thing they see, and yet still loves them intimately and wants to know them personally.

Even more than that, we are hoping that tonight, and this week, these boys will experience a God who is a kind and loving Father. A God who loves giving good gifts to His children. A God who sets the lonely in families. A God who desires the best for all of His children. A God who has accepted these boys into His family, as His beloved sons, just as surely as He accepted us and we have, in turn, accepted them.

"He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.

He determines the number of the stars
and calls them each by name.

Great is our Lord and mighty in power;
his understanding has no limit.
Psalm 147:3-5


  1. I love how you describe the ocean as a perfect example of strength and peace. It's one of my favorite places to ponder the greatness of our God. Have a wonderful vacation!

  2. How great is our God?!

    Beautiful post, Becca. Reminds how magnificent He is and to not take all of His works for granted.

  3. Don't think anyone can look at the beach the same after reading this. The beach is one of my favorite places EVER. Makes me feel like I'm so close to God and such a peace there!!

  4. That is so beautiful Becca! You are such a blessing in their lives!!!

  5. Good for you!! Yall enjoy doing NOTHING(relaxing that is) to the GLORY of GOD! thats been my motto all day on this vacation!! LOL!
    love you!

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you guys are amazing. I love what God is doing through y'all for these boys. And so many other kids.

    You rock.

  7. Just because you work with inner city kids in Florida doesn't mean they go to the ocean. I took a group of kids last year and taught them how to snorkel. They stuck their face in. One of the 15 year old boys- Saw one thing- Stood up - and screamed- "THERE ARE FISH IN THE WATER!" and proceeded to run out of the water and refused to get back in at all. It was amazing!!

    I love to take kids with us on vacation and around with us. Even when you have been in this for a long time and gets hard- Don't ever stop- This time spent is more important than anything else you will ever do.- More than any other programmed- program- This is the stuff that transformation is made of....

  8. Wow. You guys are so the real deal. Taking teens on your vacation, too! I just love you guys. I'm praying for you all and for those boys. I just read all your camp posts and I was challenged and inspired and reminded to love like crazy the least of these. I may not live in Atlanta, but there's poverty even here in my town and I don't want to ignore it!

  9. I can't wait to hear about it! Love you and miss you!

  10. oh Becca, this was so beautifully written! what a blessing you guys are to these boys! and great reminders for us too ;) I hope y'all had an amazing trip!


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