Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adventures and Misadventures in Palm Beach

I hate it when I wait too long to blog about something and then I can only vaguely remember what happened. I especially hate it when that event occurred less than a week ago. I'm far too young to be losing my memory like this, right? right?

I blame it on the fact that since we've been home from Florida (for less than a week remember) we have experienced multiple crises with some of our kiddos downtown, resulting in us driving an hour downtown multiple times everyday. Which, when you do the math, adds up to a whole lot of hours driving and a whole lot of exhaustion.

Anyways, we left for Florida at 5am last Sunday, and had a nice uneventful (but long) drive to Palm Beach Gardens. We were lucky enough to stay in Adam's grandparent's beautiful home, complete with a pool in the backyard. Obviously, the boys were over the moon because to them, a pool in the backyard = perfection.
They didn't even mind when we found this cute little snake in the pool. Which, quite honestly, shocked me since the frogs at camp consistently cause them to shriek like little girls.

During the week, we played lots of card games, swam, watched movies, swam some more, ate a lot of food, and then decided we needed an outing. So we took Jay and the boys to see the turtles at Loggerhead beach. And seriously, the little baby ones were so cute I wanted to steal one. But I didn't, don't worry, I'm a rule-follower to the core.

Jay was telling Zack: "C'mere Sack" To which Zack responded, "Man, she orders me." Which, bless her heart, is definitely true. But only because Zack did, in fact "c'mere." I tried to tell them that if they want her to stop bossing them around, they should stop doing what she says. But she apparently has them wrapped around her cute little finger.

Then we took the boys to the beach for their first-ever foray into the ocean. It really was an incredible moment for me to see them get in the water for the first (and in Sanchez's case ONLY) time. Sorry about the terrible group shot, they were excited and unwilling to follow my directions NOT to stand directly in front of each other.
Thankfully, they were quite adept at entertaining Jayci. Why else do you think we brought them along to the beach? Oh I kid.
Jayci even helped bury Sanchez completely with sand. Look at that proud/silly expression on Jay's face - I love it.
They enjoyed running (and falling) in the surf. But then, who doesn't, really?
There were also many of these: the dreaded I'm-almost-two-years-old-temper-tantrum. And the boys were just like older brothers, fully enjoying taunting and teasing her until she snapped and launched into a full-blown tantrum. Nice, thanks boys.
On the way home we stopped in Orlando to break bread with this lovely family - oh how we miss them! They should probably just come back to Atlanta and live in the hood with us. I mean, who wouldn't want to do that?
And they were kind enough to snap this big "family" picture for us. Unfortunately, I was too busy trying to get the "tough boys" to smile that I forgot to, you know, keep my own eyes open. Oh well.Obviously, I took more pictures than this (because I rarely do anything without overdoing it. Just ask the boys about my cinnamon rolls) but don't worry, I'll share more soon!


  1. i loved the pictures--especially that one of Jayci smirking over Sanchez!

    I hate the drama you're experiencing. BOO.

    We're gone to Florida tomorrow, ironically.

    Can't wait until we're home for a while (the Fall brings so much structure!) so that we can start helping you guys TONS more!

  2. Aw... Love the post and love you guys!! We would love to live d'town with you... Never know how God will lead. :)

  3. The pictures of the boys with Jayci are phenomonal! Just something about them warms my heart. Beautiful!!!!

  4. so glad you guys had fun!! those boys will always remember this trip. :)

    sorry to hear about the drama after you came home.

  5. I love your family shot...priceless! You guys are like the coolest people I know. For realz. :)

  6. haha--did you burn the cinnamon rolls? love it.

    and if the hargers are open to god leading them to atl, can they put portugal in that hat too?!?!

  7. I love to see how these young kids react with Jayci - shows how precious & sweet they are!

    And love you & your family - you all are so amazing how much time you invest in others!!!!

    YIPEE to see you actually IN a picture!!!

  8. YOU were RIGHT in my backyard, can’t believe it and I didn’t get to see you :( Great pics!!!

  9. Um, Becca? I hope you were using the zoom lens on that snake picture.

    Just sayin'.

  10. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. So awesome that you were able to bring the boys along for the trip. And I don't think Jayci would have a problem wrapping anyone around her finger. She is such a cutie pie!

  11. What an amazing trip :) You guys are such a blessing to all the kids you come into contact with! It is so sweet and special! I love the "family" pic, and you look so cute too! :) I hope everything is ok, I'm sorry y'all have had to do all of that driving and worrying :(

  12. Soooo glad you're joining us for Radical, Becca! Love your blog!!

  13. i love y'all. seriously, i think you live the coolest life.

    that family picture is awesome. the boys look too cool for school and you look like one proud, proud mama.

    you are blessed girl.


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