Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 signs the "Terrible 2's" are fast approaching

I can hardly believe that Jayci is almost two years old. Have I mentioned that before? She's growing up too fast. For realz.

But I can no longer deny the fact that she will be two in just a few short weeks. Why not? Because the signs couldn't be clearer. Yup, the terrible twos are obviously drawing closer every day.

(side note: not all of these are BAD things necessarily, but simply signs that my baby is almost a big two year old girl!)

1. Full-on tantrums, complete with laying on the ground and kicking her feet, are a daily hourly occurrence. The boys delighted in them while we were on vacation. Although at one point, Sabo pointed out to me (and I quote): "Becca, these time-outs aren't working. You're going to have to whup her like the black folks do."

2. The most-used word in her vocabulary? No.
3. Her response to everything (and I'm not even exaggerating people, not that I ever exaggerate) is "no, it's mine" or "it's my turn." As in: "it's mine turn walk Mav"; "it's mine thunder"; "it's mine boom boom" (the song: Boom Boom Pow); "it's mine Zack." Someone needs to teach the girl which things she can actually own and which things are more of public domain. But I'm not going to be the one to do it right now, because her response will probably be "it's mine public domain."

4. She flushed her toothbrush down the toilet.

5. She loves to talk on the phone. Especially to call daddy and tell him all about her day, including made-up stories. Here's the one she came up with yesterday: "poop on potty. i push. and flush." Hey, at least she has an imagination. And then after I told Adam I needed to clarify that she didn't ACTUALLY poop on the potty, she reached out for the phone insisting she needed to "cwarify."

6. Full sentences are the norm. All the time. Non-stop really. It's cute, and sweet and enjoyable, and pleasesomeonemakeitstopforjustaminutesoicanhavefivesecondsofquiet.
7. She is potty-training. Except only a little bit, because she would rather just make up stories of pooping on the potty than actually poop on the potty. However, she enjoys watching Elmo's Potty Time (ok, she enjoys watching anything on the tv, any time).

8. She can count to 20. So what if she usually skips 4, 5, and 6.

9. She starts preschool in less than a week! What? That's nuts. We're really excited about her preschool though, and even more excited because she got a scholarship. That little snippet of God's provision could not have come at a better time, money is tight right now (to say the least).

10. She is a drama queen, for realz. When I give her things, she says "oh thank you mommy, i love it." She was especially insistent in repeating this after I gave her the free cookie club cookie at Publix. The entire shopping trip she was exclaiming "I LOVE it." I'll be honest, I loved it too.


  1. oh... who needs 4,5, or 6 anyways... dumb numbers! :)

    I cant help it - I think crying babies are so cute ... because I know they'll grow out of it... & I KNOW its not fun when its your child... but that little pouty face is still just too adorable!!!

    Hang in there mom :)

    1. I started using www.ToddlerTalk.info for my troublesome toddler - it's like a miracle! I have a son who is almost 3. He was driving me crazy with terrible two problems and behavioral issues to the point where I thought I failed as a mom. After Toddler Talk, I saw improvements in his behavior so quickly after the first lesson - I’m on lesson 6 now and my boy is changing in front of my eyes. The strategies really work and to my surprise when I test them on adults, they work too! Toddler Talk has completely changed life for my son and I.

  2. hahahahahaha! I love Sabo! That is hilarious. Hang in there girl, it will get better. She's so precious.

  3. so cute! i don't know if it's different w/ girls than boys but my son's first day of 3 was worse than the entire YEAR of 2... i said "whoever named them terrible two's never had a 3 year old!" haha the joys of toddlers :)

  4. It's a good thing that she is cute then, to deal with the pain... of toddlers.

    Mine is two and he was pretty awesome until about 5 days ago. Lets just say, I'm not getting much done these days.

  5. Oh my word that is too cute! I know what you mean about seeing the signs for sure! Parker will be 2 in November & he reminds me that he's almost 2 in many ways everyday! lol Hey, if you think of it will you email me some info on what you're doing for preschool/the scholarship stuff?! I'd love to look into something like that here!
    Thanks girl!

  6. I hate to break it to you but "The Terrible Twos" isn't nearly as bad as "The Terrible THREES"! As Audrey creeps closer and closer to 3 all of that sweetness and innocence seems to be creeping further away and more and more SASS is showing daily! Okay, it's really not THAT bad because it is some of those 'terrible' times that you will look back and smile about.
    The pics of her pouting/crying are just too precious! It's fun to have that type of pic so you can go back some day and show her that she wasn't always a rosy-cheeked and twinkly-eyed little sweetheart!
    And Sabo's comment is cracking me right up! Gotta love the rationale!!!

  7. I love her Becca. Really and truly adore her. She is just so fun and adorable : )

    What a perfect list. Your posts are some of my most favorite. I love your pictures with a passion.

    I am so thankful to know you in this great big blog world. Will pray she adores pre-school.

  8. "whup her like the black folks do" just made me laugh so hard i almost peed. true story. i am still laughing.

    when i'm done laughing though, i'm running home and putting a brick on bg's head because i am terrified of the two year old stage.

  9. Oh I tell ya the terrible twos are insane - I'd like to tell you they only last a week or so and then they are our sweet little angels again but that couldn't be further from the truth - they're still cute but oh my it's insane :)

  10. Crack me UP, girl! Seriously, what memories this brings back. And honestly, I AM glad that they are now memories instead of my reality. I wouldn't trade 'em for the world. but upper elementary age rocks. The teen years that are hurtling closer at light speed? yeeesh. Maybe I WOULD like to go back to where you are, non-stop sentences and all!

  11. Oh Becca -
    such a fun corner of the blogosphere you have here. I jumped over to see your summer summary, and ended up way down here. Oy, twos. It's a challenging but super fun age, for sure!!


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