Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sometimes I Need Reminding

I know I've already mentioned this a time or two or twenty, but this week at Camp Grace is our first-ever teenage session. The kids here this week range in age from 12-17, which is not only a wide range, but also a slightly frightening one for me. Not so much frightening like they might beat me up (which they clearly could) but more because 16-17 years old is just an age that intimidates me, they're getting too old to just automatically think I'm cool, which means they probably know I'm NOT . . .

Although every kid who comes to camp is (technically) not able to afford camp, we usually have a wide range of backgrounds and situations. The kids this week are not only breaking my heart with their stories, but they are reminding me over and over again exactly why I'm here and why we do this camp.

Because one of our campers? Is a momma with a 2 year old baby at home. Last night I watched another camper suck her thumb with a huge real tattoo on her arm. At least 5 of the kids have lost their mothers in the last 5 years. They have fathers in prison or whom they've never met. A 12 year old put out on the street by her mom. A 14 year old who ran away from home and his family hasn't bothered to even try and find out where he is or if he's ok. A brother and sister with a father in prison, who just lost their mom, and moved into their cousins' already crowded home. . .

But the best part of my week so far? Watching the 17 year old mom slowly, but surely, let her guard down and enjoy herself. Seeing Sabo and Zack get blobbed by Adam, and having the girls (and Walter) sing Justin Bieber songs. Watching them laugh at their counselors doing synchronized swimming routines. Giving big hugs and seeing Jayci run up to see her "friends" every chance she gets.
Giving these kids a chance to actually be KIDS. That's one of our goals here at camp, and let me tell you that there is redemption, and a newness to His mercy, that comes through every single day when the kids let their problems disappear even just for a few minutes.


  1. Beautiful post! It seems like you are having fun and I believe some kind of promotion is just around the corner for you!
    Continue enjoying being a grown up Kid all over again! God will see you through.

  2. Great post. Your ministry is truly amazing!

  3. Becca, every time I think I have it rough, I am referring back to this post. What an eye-opener! Thank you for doing what you do and speaking life into those kids!!!

  4. wow..........truly inspiring and very humbling.......thank you

  5. I'm so glad I saw your update tonight. What a great reminder. Thank you for pouring the love of Jesus into these kids and for letting them be just

    How are things going with the foster care situation?

  6. Gosh I just love you and the work that you and Adam and all the camp workers are doing. I love all your camp posts, so inspiriting (and convicting!)

  7. Wow!!!!!!!!!! If only they could stay at camp and live that way year round.

    What a miracle you all are performing!

  8. I was wondering how you keep from getting discouraged, Becca, when you hear stories like that. I will pray for the ENcouragement of your spirit.

  9. I'm going to hate it when you leave camp, because your camp posts are so inspiring! I love the work y'all are doing Becca. You are such an amazing person!


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