Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Country

I've never been all that patriotic, which makes sense seeing as I'm a Canadian living in America. But for this reason, I wasn't planning on participating in this week's I Heart Faces challenge. However, I felt the need to share a little bit more about another side of our country. One which needs much prayer and healing. One which I believe, as Christians, we can no longer ignore.

These kids are AMERICAN. They were born in raised in America's cities, not in some slum in Africa. Yet, many of them won't be eating three meals today. They celebrated the fourth of July to the tune of gunshots being fired overhead.
Some of them are homeless.
Some of them have fathers in and out of jail. Or have never met their fathers. One year we had an entire cabin (10 girls) and not ONE of them knew their father.
Some of them have big grins and killer dance moves, despite abandonment, abuse, and hurt.
Some of them have sisters with different fathers, all of whom are in prison.
Some of them were abused so badly as children that they still suffer from physical and mental repercussions.
Some of them were born addicted to crack.
Some of them don't get enough to eat. Some have never been to the dentist. Some of them have been evicted so many times they've lost count. Some of them live in homeless shelters. . .
But regardless of who they are and what they suffer, these are America's children. Let's take some time today to think about the country we live in, and the others who live here with us. And pray. Please people, pray. And/or if you want to "do" something, just let me know and we'll get you involved!

*Oh and visit I Heart Faces for more patriotic pictures and stories!


  1. Becca, you are such an amazing advocate and strong voice for these little ones. Keep talking!

  2. beautifully said, friend! Enjoy your last two weeks of camp! Praying for you guys!!

  3. This is a beautiful post and such beautiful children. I will say a prayer!

  4. What a beautiful post and a great reminder of what our country is made of . . . the good and the bad.

  5. I think this is one of your greatest posts! You tell the story so well, and illustrate it even better! You are so talented, and so amazing for listening to God's leading in your life. Keep telling everybody about these kids!

  6. Oh Becca!!!!!! You make me want to take each and every one of those kids into my house and make sure they are happy and have 3 meals a day!

    Bless you for all you are doing!

  7. OK... I've GOT to use this post in my lesson with the youth next week!!! I'm teaching on things that make God angry... these situations have to just make God so mad... these problems shouldnt exist...

    Thank you for this powerful post!

  8. Oh Becca, you can’t even put a price on the way you are ministering to these children. Thank you so much for this post. Couldn’t have been more beautiful and such a great reminder to keep these children in my prayers.

  9. I love you Becca Stanley...

  10. Beautiful post and beautiful children. Thank you for all that you do.

    Marla @

  11. thanks for the reminder, 20 minutes away from our home is another "world"

  12. I think what you do for these children is awesome. You are truly a voice for them. You are inspirational girl!

  13. what an amazing write up! thank you for the reminder. as i read your blog a verse from the bible kept coming to my mind....
    "whatever you do to the least of these you do unto me..."
    those smile on the children's faces are amazing!!
    i wasn't going to submit a picture, but you have inspired me to do so.

  14. a beautiful post with magical images, becca. God is working in those kids ... i can see it.

  15. beautiful and powerful post. You are doing great things in those children's lives. Keep up the awesome love-filled work!

  16. I loove it! Honest, and real post!
    I see redemption!!

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  18. This was just amazing. Amazing and true. And so sad.


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