Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Masked Menace and Lil Ro

I feel a vague sense of dejavu like I've written about this already, and I apologize if I have. Anyways, my sweet friend Erica makes these awesome capes and Adam requested that she make him one for camp. In case you were wondering, the CG is for Camp Grace. Anyways, once Ro saw Adam's cape, he had to have one of his own. So a couple times a week, they bust out their capes and pester the kids and such. Adam even decided last night that he was going to wear his cape while he plays nurse and bandages cuts, and looks after imaginary injuries (the kids have lots of those -- and dont worry, we have a real nurse here too).


  1. : )
    He is a good super hero, right? : )

  2. Love it love it love it! So what are their superpowers? :)

  3. those are soooooo cool!!!!! My kids would go crazy over them!

  4. oooo that is sweet!! I want one now!! LOL! Love the pics!


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