Saturday, July 17, 2010


This is Michael, one of my favorite campers from this week. I love his face in this shot, and the picture reminded me of last summer when Broken Voices first released our episode of their video podcast, called Jump. You can still watch it on their website (episode 3, Jump), and I think it's a great look at our story, and our hearts, and camp too . . .

I hope you've been enjoying my plethora of pictures, I seriously cannot believe that there is only one week left of camp. I'm especially excited about this week though because our boys (Zack and Sabo) will be here, and it will be our first time ever having camp for slightly older kids (ages 12-15 come to camp this week). So if you think of us, pray for wisdom and fun and for Jesus to show up in a big way!


  1. That is a totally hilarious picture! A contest winner, for sure. I'm glad that time is not dragging for you... what a blessing to be doing something that you love so much (and do so well). I'll be praying for an incredible week for you and your boys...

  2. Love the pic and LOOOOVE the VID!! My first time seeing it! Girl I started yelling "yes, AMEN!!" when Adam was talking about how you all are often placed on a pedestal for simply doing what Jesus wants you to do..
    wow, that is my husbands song! Amen girl! I see Christ using yall!!

  3. What a fabulous photo!! That is a great face you captured.

    And have fun with your boys this week! I know you guys have got to be excited to see 'em :)

  4. Oh that's a good one!!!! You should enter that one in I Heart Faces!

  5. That picture is too funny. Love it :)

  6. Incredible shot! Love the expression on his face, the sharpness, color saturation and perfect exposure. Great work! Love it.


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