Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Winner and Some Rambling

Just popping in from Canada, eh. We're up here for a family reunion, which is a big deal because there are 50 of us in our immediate family (I mean extended, but all first cousins, aunts, uncles etc), and because at our last family reunion was like ten years ago. We spent the night at my grandmother's house last night, which is a treat because Oma can COOK y'all. We thoroughly enjoyed a nice home-cooked dutch meal, meat and potatoes covered in delicious gravy, and a plethora of delicious side dishes. I love it. You know what I didn't love, however? Jayci being awake from about 2-5:45am last night. And the night before, and two nights before that. I'm weary doesn't even begin to describe it. Add in a little defiance and her reverting to hitting me in the face again, and I'm about ready to throw my hands in the air and give it all up. Anyways, after a long day of sight-seeing and eating, I'm not even sure why I'm still awake except that I REFUSE to let down my blog readers, and I WILL post the giveaway winner tonight, even if it kills me. Or makes me really really tired.

That said, the random integer thing-y said that the winner was #5, meaning that Natalie wins the owl - Yay! I'm excited for her because she has the sweetest little one who I know will love Erica's cute creation. Send me an email with your shipping info sweet Natalie!

And since every post is better with a picture, here's one that made me happy. I haven't seen this week's episode of Glee yet, but thanks to Hulu - I refuse to miss it.
*Picture from Jamie's blog.


  1. Glee??? Oh my... now that school is out, I've completely forgotten about that! Too many lightning bugs to catch....
    And just remember that raising a child? Is God's homework for you. Remember how hard homework can be? How onerous? How many times you'd rather just run outside and play? yeah. That's what raising kids really is all about. Staying inside and grinding away til it finally clicks. And I know.. without a doubt... that when you stand in front of God and He asks to see your homework? You, my sweet friend, will get an A+++.....

  2. Yay for Natalie and yay for Pam's very encouraging comment.

  3. YAY!

    And Boo! So sorry you are having hard times with Jayci again my friend. Pam does put it well! You would indeed get an A+.

    Hang in there. It WILL get better! Blessings,

  4. I know how that sleep can be and how frustrating it can get. Allie has her issues too and it is ... ugh!!!!

    Hope she sleeps better tonight! And enjoy that food :)

  5. That picture makes any day a little bit brighter, right?! :)

  6. That's a very happy picture indeed! Wowza.

  7. you make me not able to wait to have a toddler ;)

  8. Jealous!! I have always wanted to go to Canada!! Have a great time!! :)

  9. Oh, you got a little booger on your hands lately, dont you!

    Ahh - that's one of my favorite pictures of the GLEE guys - this week's episode definitely wasnt my fav, but love all the Sue Sylvester in it!


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