Saturday, June 19, 2010


I can't believe I already missed a day putting a camp picture up! My bad.

Here's 2 for today to make up for it, because we're waiting for all the kids to get picked up so we can drive back to Atlanta for a birthday/father's day dinner.


  1. The expressions in the second one are awesome! And the girl in the first is simply stunning; what a model! Be careful... drink lots of water, and pace yourself. It's HOT out there (and those thunderstorms.. man, they're brief but really intense!). I'm praying for hearts and lives to be changed........

  2. How fun is this? I flipping love these pictures!

    I hope that Adam has a great fathers day tomorrow. I wanted to thank him for being a father to your baby but also to all the kids he ministers to in the city. He might be the only Daddy some of them ever know. I appreciate all you do for the kids in the city and I just want you to know I think and pray for you all the time. Much love, Becky


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