Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to eat corn on the cob

Jayci ate corn on the cob (which, apparently I was incorrect in believing you spelled with 2 b's) for the first time while we were in Canada. Not because they only have corn in Canada, just because I figured now that she has more teeth and molars, she should be able to handle it. And who wants to cut corn OFF the cob if it's not absolutely necessary?

She wanted to share the important process with y'all, just so you could join in her corn-eating pleasure:

1-Nibble delicately, taking bites off other people's corn first to make sure it tastes ok.
2-Take mom's corn cob and declare it your own, then continue nibbling.
3 - Forget nibbling, get after it.4- Pause and say "cheese" in an attempt to make all the pictures stop.
5 - Continue digging in with gusto.
5- Take a quick break from eating so you can make sure mom understand that you are SO over the picture-taking.
6 - Continue the chomping process until you are sticky, salty, and full of corn. Yum.


  1. Oh, man those are adorable! I'm glad she has now conquered corn. My husband gave my baby a raw ear of corn at the grocery store and he dug right it! We'll be having lots of corn this summer!

  2. We used to have corn eating contests!!! Yum!

  3. What a milestone! Buttery corn on the cob is the best!!! And your little Jayci is the cutest little buttery faced dolly ever!

  4. She sure knows how to use those chompers! :)

  5. When you look that good eating... you should never stop! How cute is she? Everytime I see her I love her more!

  6. hahaha my kids love corn on the cob!!!!

    Love the pics-those are awesome!

  7. Absolutely the cutest thing EVER!!!!!!! :)

  8. This is so cute! But she looks like such a big girl here! How did she grow up all of a sudden?!?

  9. These are the cutest pictures ever!!


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