Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Tonight was our first Crosswalk, which is the way that we share the gospel with the kiddos. Crosswalk consists of the kids walking silently through the woods (not an easy feat for our counselors to accomplish) and stopping at several different "stations" to hear pieces of the gospel story. They see Jesus crucified on a cross, visit the "empty" tomb (along with a few other stations) and then they end with a gospel presentation before sitting down with their counselors to talk about what they just saw and heard. It's always a really powerful night; over the last 5 years, we've had 1800 kids come to camp, and 665 of those kids have made a first time decision for Christ.

Because of the power and Truth in our Wednesday night presentations, Wednesdays are ALWAYS full of spiritual warfare. The thing about spiritual warfare is that it has always been, for me, something that I prefer to sort of gloss-over because I dont understand it completely or know exactly how I feel/what I believe about it. However, it is literally impossible to ignore the number of issues, behavioral and otherwise, that we consistently face every single Wednesday. Or Thursday, depending on which day we're doing crosswalk. Today, for example, two kids completely and totally flipped out and had to spend the day with Adam (not a good thing for them, as great as Adam is). We had multiple fights, three kids throw up, one kid with a high fever, and one kid get stuck up on the zip line, not to mention the girl who had a 102 fever and the kid who stole my shoe, which I am anxious to find back (dont worry, I'm sure they'll give themselves away and wear them tomorrow or something). All joking aside, Wednesdays are a really important day and night for us at camp, and we would love to have it covered in prayer. Because we are seriously changing lives and introducing kids who are often without hope to the Hope of Jesus Christ.


  1. Wow! What a picture - truly one that speaks a thousand words!

  2. Whoa. The facts of the matter is that there is an enemy who HATES what you are doing on Wednesdays especially, but there is One greater who fights for you. As for me, I'll be praying for your Wednesdays. Because what's happening in these young hearts is of absolute paramount profound importance. Wow. Life-changing, world-changing, heart-changing importance.

  3. WOW, when the Lord is up to something GREAT, the enemy tries to be up to something greater. What a powerful night. Praying that hearts are touched and lives are dedicated to Christ!

  4. Those numbers alone give me chills! Awesome!

    I can only imagine the impact of doing a walk like that, seeing things with their own eyes... feeling the emotions that come with the stories of Jesus...

    Oh mercy... working in youth ministry, I have seen, felt, experienced spiritual warfare. It is so much more then "coincidence"... I need to remember to pray for you ALL on Wednesdays specifically! Call on more angel-back-up ;) to protect & shield you all from the stupid stuff Satan would throw at you guys! Sounds like you all battle through though - & that's what matters!!! THATS why you have those numbers of people who give their lives! Keep at it! Frustrate that stupid devil!

  5. Wow. Amazing photo! I'll be praying for all of you today. SO cool to see Christ working in those kids!!!

  6. spiritual warfare is a very real and very hard thing to go through. but i would be more worried if you weren't having it with the power & depth of what you do during your crosswalk. what an amazing night. your camp sounds wonderful and it totally makes me want to come help :) praying for you guys!

  7. Praying for you guys!! I love camp and this is a beautiful way to present the Gospel. I actually talked about over on my blog today as well!!!

    God is bigger than anything Satan can throw at you!! Hope you get your shoes back as well!!

    Much love-

    Oh- and I will be back in Atlanta on August 7th- Would love to see you guys!!!

  8. Know your enemy. It is not flesh and blood or circumstances that you see but the invisible, unseen powers and forces of darkness that war against the light that you would bring to these precious lives. Romans 8:38, Ephesians 1:21
    3:10 and 6:12, Colossians 1:16 2:10and 2:15. Knowing who you are (your rights and privileges)and Who stands with you is very (most) important, but knowing your enemy (schemes and devices)and how to stand against IS part of the battle for souls. I'm committed to praying for the laborers as they plant, water and harvest souls for the Kingdom of God and against the enemy who would keep them in darkness.

  9. Becca,
    This blog brought tears to my eyes, thank you for sharing it. I got camp covered in prayer, but I enjoy knowing how to specifically pray for you and the kids. I love you, I love your heart and I love what you're doing!

    Please give Adam and Jayci hugs and prayers from Baltimore!



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