Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Picnic and an Almost-Tragedy

For a very long time now, I have been itching to take more pictures for families we work with downtown. I took these a while back, and ever since then have been dreaming, specifically, of taking pictures of April's 6 kiddos (since the older 3 aren't readily available for photo shoots). I quickly realized, however, that I would not be able to pull off such a feat without reinforcements. Anyone who has met Toddrick will understand why.

So when the pastor of our church (One Church) asked us to lead an Atlanta community group outreach, I thought this might be my chance to enlist some unsuspecting victims helpers. We planned a fun picnic in Piedmont Park for a Saturday evening dinner so that I could take the pictures at sunset.

Despite my meticulous and carefully thought-out plan (or not, I'm not much of a planner as it turns out) we encountered a few bumps in the road. I went to Piedmont park that morning for the Multiple Sclerosis walk (have I mentioned that my mom has MS?), and the rain clouds looked threatening, with a nice non-committal 30% chance of thundershowers that evening. I contemplated just rescheduling, but 2 things stopped me. 1-We have no other free weekends or weeknights from now until sweet forever and 2-We already had large quantities of food for all the kiddos.

Instead we moved our festivities to Centennial Park, so we could go into the CNN building and at least eat with the kiddo in case of rain. Luckily, the weather turned out beautiful. However, we encountered another snag in the plans because April's phones had been shut off earlier in the week and we couldn't get a hold of her. And we couldn't find the kids. They weren't at home or at their friends' house . . . In defeat, I finally told the drivers/volunteers to just come eat a very large picnic with us at the park with my sister, her fiance, and the two kids they mentor. Thankfully, while driving back to Centennial, they swung back by April's apartment and found them all walking along the street!

After much ado, and a good-long-while filled with wrangling small children, they arrived at Centennial. Adam and Hash went to go help carry food and children to the park. Unfortunately, while they were unloading the goods, some guy made off with the tray of watermelon. I know right? Who grabs a giant tray of watermelon and runs? At least take something good like the cookies or cheese. Adam, the champion of justice and stupidity bravery that he is, chased the guy down and retrieved said watermelon. Hallelujah.

Eventually, we enjoyed a fun picnic and fellowship in the park. The kids even ran through the fountains, watched the music/water show, and saw a couple getting married. Unfortunately, Sharonda wasn't able to make it, and by the time the kids got there it was getting dark already, so I wasn't able to get the idyllic, beautiful family portraits I was envisioning. Someday people, my hopes and dreams will be realized, someday.

This one, however, captures the kiddos' personalities perfectly: Crazy, tough, cute, and sweet.
Brothers photographed in Atlanta Centennial parkConsidering that this post is already ridiculously long-winded (what else is new?), I'll stop there and just leave you with more pictures from the evening.
Atlanta child photography taken downtown Atlanta
Baby photography in Atlanta
Photographer Brother and Sister in Centennial Olympic Park
Photographing relationship mentor and mentee in the park in Atlanta
Sweet baby girl in Atlanta park

Night-time photography in Atlanta park, high grain
Atlanta photography, children playing in the fountains at Centennial Olympic Park
"Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'" Matthew 19:14


  1. Wow, what great pics! I love these and I
    love your heart for these kids.

  2. These photos are beautiful! I can't believe someone tried to steal your funny!

  3. Considering how much I love watermelon, I would consider the near-theft of an entire tray of it to be a near-tragedy, too. (have you ever tried the chili-lime seasoning on it? oh... just ohhhh...). And the pictures? They are just amazing. Beautiful. Incredible! And you now officially have the "Eyes" entry for IHF nailed, btw... just wowzers. You blow me away, and I don't just mean your photog skillz....

  4. that bubble picture is pretty awesome and *i just know* the ones of the kids will be more priceless to April then you'll ever imagine. AND i might steal that picture of Catherine. Kind of love it, too..because I've kind of already fallen in love with those kids after only 2 hours with them!

  5. Golly, I'm not sure which picture I like best! They are all AWESOME! The little baby girl is so cute! The one of Jayci with a piece of the heroically-saved watermelon is super duper adorable.

  6. Those are so great Becca! Those children are so lucky to have you and Adam in their lives!

  7. Wow another wierd similarity Becca - my mom has CP (cerebral palsy, often mistaken for MS...)

    Those kids are just precious! And good thing you rescued that watermelon, Jayci looks like she enjoyed it! lol

    The pictures are great and I'm sure everyone had a blast. Well worth the craziness I'm sure!

  8. Wow! You did it again Becca, this really shows their personality. Especially Lee and Tardrick! I laughed out loud!!!

  9. Fun picnic! These pictures are amazing. Seriously. I NEED a tutorial from you! Can you come to FL and help this girl learn how to use her camera???

  10. Also...if I was going to steal something from your picnic(which I wouldn't) the watermelon would be my choice too. : )

  11. The childre are just precious!!! :)

  12. Way to go, Adam!!! Because picnics without watermelons aren't near as much fun.

    You rock.

  13. Ha! I can just imagine someone running off the down the street with that watermelon..and what a tragedy it would have been! Great photos, I love that little boy in the fountains!!!

  14. The pictures are so adorable. And how precious to get to spend time with those children!

  15. Really you got some gorgeous pictures!!!!

    I love the watermelon shot of jayci too!

    You're good girl!

  16. These are so cute! And seriously how cool that Allie and Catherine and I am asuming Caroline came along too! You continue to amaze me by your wonderful caring spirit! You totally rock girl! And, so does Jayci with that saved watermellon!


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