Thursday, May 20, 2010

One of my Favorite Families

I may have mentioned a time or two that my best friend is moving to Texas. I took some family pictures for her extended family before she leaves, and I wanted to share a few of them with y'all. They're so sweet and precious and all of them are some of my dearest friends. I keep wanting to write a post on here about Courtney and how I'm going to miss her, but then I start ugly-crying. And everyone knows you can't blog while you're ugly crying. You can eat lots of ice cream, but not blog.

Also, I have a question for all my wise blog-readers. I'm struggling big-time with Jayci right now. I'm convinced she's entered her "terrible twos" early. It's ridiculous really. For the past 9 months or so, we've simply brought Jayci upstairs and laid her in her crib, where she would happily go to sleep for her naps and for bedtime. For the last 3 days, however, she has screamed "mommy hold-you' and "daddy hold-you" alternately, every single time we put her down. She did it for over an hour yesterday (with me going in to calm her down - and the second I pick her up, she's fine and falls asleep on me) and never fell asleep (which led to a pretty miserable afternoon/evening behavior-wise). For the last three nights, we've resorted to rocking her to sleep -- but that's a time-consuming process that we wont have the luxury of while we're at camp. So what do we do? Help, seriously y'all. I'm a hot mess.


  1. I am no expert by any means but, when Abigail loses he mind when we try and put her to bed we usually let her cry it out. If she continues for a long while we go into her room and calmly talk to her. This helps because if she is screaming loudly she needs to calm down in order to hear us. Then we would stay a few minutes with her and then go. Sometimes she could scream and cry for 20 minutes and we would leave her. I promise she is not tramatized and she still wakes up a happy girl in the morning. I feel if we keep going in every night she will get too use to it and cry every night just because she knows we will come in and she can stay awake longer. I thought two was pretty easy with Abigail compared to her new three! Three seems so much worse. Hang in there. I am sure you will find the best way to deal with Jayci that makes you all comfortable. My guess is that when you are at camp she is going to be so tired out at days end she will pass right out! Praying for you through it all! Blessings my friend,

  2. Oh man, Parker has been up to kind of the same shenanigans! He doesn't really talk yet, but I could imagine that if he was saying "mommy hold me" it would be SO much tougher to just make him tough it out.

    He just hates going to bed lately. He's so tired & definetly needs to, but he does not want to. Last night was the first night in a while he didn't have a huge meltdown when I took him in his room.

    I just let him cry though honestly. Every so often I'll go in & lay him back down if he's stood himself up, but otherwise I just say "Goodnight, mommy loves you." and that's about it.

    Good luck! It's so great when they have an opinion :) lol And love the pictures btw!

  3. Becca- I hear ya on the terrible two's arriving early! Katelyn has never called out for Jeremy or I to hold her after we put her to bed, but she definitely is a master at stalling and she is queen of temper tantrums once we have put her to bed if she is not I started giving her books in bed and telling her that if she isn't tired, then she can look at her books until she is sleepy, but she cannot get out of her bed.(Katelyn is in a toddler bed, I think you said in your post Jayci is still in her crib, so you won't have the getting out of bed problem) This works really well with Katelyn b/c she will read to her stuffed animals. Sometimes she will cry, but as Natalie said, I let her cry it out...I've found when she is really throwing a fit is when she is the most tired and she is fighting's definitely not a fun thing to hear when your child is screaming in their room but I completely agree with Natalie that in the long run, it is the best thing...boundaries are so important for them and us, they help keep us sane! I hope it's just a phase Jayci quickly outgrows and you don't have any problems at camp!! Praying for your family...soooo happy about your house selling!!

  4. We experienced the same thing with Charlotte. It seemed she hit an early spell with her terrible-two's also. We just left her to cry it out. The only time we ever "didn't" really let her cry it out is if she were sick. It took her a fews days but she got the hint. At first, I struggled with letting her just drove me, so, I kept going in her room and consoling her. She caught onto to that immediately, and it drug out the process. My advice, just let her cry it out now, so she can adjust to it now. You don't want to get her to finally calm down and go straight to bed the day before you go to camp. She needs about a week or so for it to fully set in. Does that make ANY sense!?

  5. Love these pictures! You capture so much nature in your photos! Seriously, I love it-- you've got your own signature style!

    Oh girl, I feel for you about the "terrible twos"! We are in it-- times two!! We go in and check on them when they cry for us, but we always put them back in the crib while they're still awake and sometimes we let them cry it out after we've already consoled them once already. She might just be going through a stage where she needs you a little more-- I notice that sometimes with my twins and I try to spend extra time with them during the day and especially before bedtime.

    Prayers to you!! It's tough, I know! I'll be praying she transitions well at camp, too! That God's grace covers her!

  6. Love the pics again!! lol@ugly crying..yea, please dont do that..hahaha! I kidding :)

    So sorry about this season you are in.(two year olds are hard) I will say I want you to be encouraged, you are now entering a season of more repetion and training. you might want to continue to put her in her room when she yells, reminding her that this is not acceptable and this is why she has to be removed from everyone else( ya know the whole idea of sin separates us) Why is she fussing? Is she tired? IS she just used to being held? IS she in pain? Remember to make sure those are covered first. I would encourage you TO NOT rock her. But to allow her to learn to sleep on her own. This will save you the hassle of not having to keep this up and it will help to not give her those expectations when she tired. (it will also help ya babysitters out.) haha!
    I will be praying friend. I have been here, and by NO MEANS do I have all the answers!! I have sought out much help in the past and have got VERY wise counsel from many moms/biblical counselors on the area of parenting, I would love to email you some of the talks we have from precious bible studies. :) Hope this helps. Continue to seek the Lord for wisdom in this trial, he promise to give you some!!

    ...May I recommend a few books that are WORTH reading for this age..I believe they will encourage you greatly

    Let The Children Come Along..The Toddler Years )*MUST HAVE!!!- follow this link for more of their books-

    For Instruction In Righteousness-Door Post Books
    (in this book you are able to look up her heart issues and see according to scripture how you can encourage her not to whine-which is a form of complaining) this ONE IS A HUGE HELP IN OUR HOME..)

    Shepherding a Childs Heart-Paul Tripp

    Teach Them Diligently- Lou Priolo

  7. Why the heck are you so amazing at photography?! Thanks so much for all the beautiful shots.
    Youda youda youda youda best.
    (You DO know that rap song, right?)
    And I feel ya on the ugly cry--in fact, I think I'll go have some leftover bday cake right now...

  8. I wish I could help but I'm still trying to figure mine out!! Good luck girl.... Hope you get it figured out soon!

  9. Has it been any better? How many naps does she get during the day?

    These pics from this post and the ones of those sweet kiddos above are fabulous! I think you'll be able to teach/lead our group for the IhF Photowalk next week! I have a lot to learn from all of you and can't wait!


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